There are many people who want to display rings on their fingers but worry about damage or loss risks when wearing expensive stones, and silicone rings are the ideal alternative for many such individuals. Groups who work in fields that involve regular use of the hands are often some of those who gravitate most toward silicone rings, and a great example here is various casino workers in numerous US states.

At Enso Rings, we're happy to provide a huge array of both men’s and women’s silicone rings, including for people who work in casinos or related fields that require the regular use of their hands -- and want a silicone ring to wear in place of their more expensive stone within work settings. What are some of the key reasons employees in these kinds of businesses often wear silicone rings? Here are several.

Comfort and Softness

While damage and loss prevention might be the first theme you think of here, and it's certainly important, it's not even the most significant for many casino workers. Rather, many of our clients in this field prefer these rings because they're simply more comfortable.

Casino employees, especially those who fill roles like dealing cards or placing chips, use their hands regularly for their work, and many of them find that other rings -- even those made from another softer material like wood -- simply don't provide the level of comfort they need over extended hours. Silicone rings are ideal in this sense because they're extremely soft and flexible, allowing people to continue wearing them as often as necessary without discomfort. Many wearers of silicone rings don't even realize it's on, and the only reason they're able to do so is because of how comfortable it is for them.

Are you a card dealer or other casino employee dealing with rashes or other skin sensitivity due to a metal ring that slides up and down on your hand during work? Remove this concern by purchasing a silicone ring. 

Frequent Hand Washing

Another common characteristic of casino employees is how often they're required to wash their hands -- they have to do so a lot, often nearly as frequently as restaurant workers.

With metal rings, there's a risk of rust and related issues; if not preventative in nature, at least over time it can be harmful to wear metals often. This is never an issue with silicone rings because they're so smooth and nonporous. And of course, this is before digging into the risks of loss or damage if you're washing your hands dozens of times per day with a traditional ring on, especially in a public restroom setting.

In addition, silicone rings don't become dirty as easily as other ring types. They won't trap dirt or grime, and they don't absorb sweat or oils from your fingers the way other materials do -- it's a simple but important perk to keep in mind if you've experienced problems with rings before when cleaning them as frequently as casino workers might have to.

Fully Customizable

Silicone rings are also completely customizable, from the color and pattern you choose to engraving or embossing if that's something you're interested in.

As such, they appeal to many casino workers because there are so many ways you can design them to display your individual personality. Perhaps this is why we see a lot of our clients who work at casinos wearing these rings with their favorite sports teams' logos on them, for example. Some of the very most devoted employees might even purchase a ring that has the same color scheme as the casino they're working for. 


As any longtime casino dealer or employee well knows, your role is to fade into the background. People aren't coming to a casino to see you; they're coming to enjoy themselves, and you're being paid to facilitate this. 

As such, some casino employees prefer not to draw attention with a traditional ring, and that's another reason why silicone rings are so popular in this field. They're not flashy or showy, but you also can't miss them -- it's something of a hidden highlight.

Perfect Fit, Lack of Snagging

Especially for card dealers or those who will be handling other small items, certain metal rings offer the potential for items to become snagged or otherwise caught. If the ring is even slightly loose on your finger, you run the risk of this happening, and it's not always just a minor concern -- in many cases, it can be extremely dangerous, such as if your ring gets caught on someone's hair and pulls it.

This simply isn't an issue with silicone rings because they fit your finger better, plus don't have jagged stone edges or other sections that snag on items more easily. You won't have to worry about items constantly getting caught or snagged as you handle them -- even if you only make use of a single finger, silicone will always be the better option.

For more on why many fields that involve constant use of the hands, including casino employees, tend to prefer silicone rings over traditional options -- or to learn about any of our silicone rings or silicone bracelets -- speak to the staff at Enso Rings today.

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