Best Gift Idea: Father’s Day Rings with a Star Wars Theme

Father’s Day is coming. What are you going to get your dad? Another tie? A mug that says #1 Dad? That’s OK, he’ll pretend to like those things. But if you get him a silicone Father’s Day ring or bracelet from Enso Rings, he will actually like it.

Cool Rings for Dad

We know what you’re thinking — a ring is an unusual present for your dad. But when you see the kinds of rings we have, you’ll understand.

First, they’re silicone rings. So they’re cool, casual and comfortable. They’re not serious jewelry, like the kind you get for your mom on Mother’s Day.

Second, we just released a line of Star Wars rings! Your mom is never going to buy him one of those. He can only get it from you. And he would love a Star Wars Father’s Day ring. We’re featuring no fewer than six Star Wars silicone rings for Father’s Day and all occasions. The force will definitely be with your dad if he has one of these rings:

  • The Mandalorian: This is the perfect Father’s Day ring because Beskar is such a strong, capable father figure, putting endless effort into finding a safe home for Grogu. Your dad will feel amazingly powerful with his iron-colored Mandalorian ring on.

  • Grogu: Even though some people call Grogu “baby Yoda,” he’s actually 50 — probably the same age as your dad! He’s highly sought-after for his immense wisdom — just like your dad! Your dad your own personal Jedi Master whom you can text anytime you need to know important things like what kind of oil to put in the car. This bright green silicone ring is engraved with Grogu’s adorable little face.

  • C-3PO: Our C-3PO silicone ring is a shade of yellow gold that is uncannily like that of its namesake. Your dad’s etiquette — and accent — will improve as soon as he starts sporting a Threepio silicone ring.

  • R2-D2: Maybe your dad is better suited for an Artoo ring. Does he often sit quietly, not saying a word, waiting for directions? Is he an excellent mechanic? Does he faithfully carry out duties around the house without complaint? Get him a bright blue R2-D2 silicone ring.

  • Darth Vader: Just because Darth Vader is a bad guy doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy his evil. In fact, with a Darth Vader silicone ring, your dad will feel extra authoritative when he tells you to clean your room or be home by midnight or else. Of course, these silicone rings are black.

  • Stormtrooper: These Stormtrooper rings are great for (ex) military dads, or dads who love law and order. Your dad would love it if his buddies each got one for Father’s Day too, then they could all wear them to hang out together. Alert your dad’s friend’s kids to your plan.

As amazing as it would be to get your dad a Star Wars silicone ring, what would be even more amazing is to get him the entire six-ring set! You save money buying the set, so it’s like getting two rings free! Ask your siblings to pitch in and make the gift be from all of you. He’ll be so happy that he’ll let you wear one sometimes when you do stuff together. If your dad doesn’t already own the movies, order them for the next gift-giving holiday, and the family can sit around wearing the rings and binge-watching the trilogy.

You’ll have to agree that in the arena of unique men’s rings, a set of Star Wars silicone rings is right near the top. Plus, these casual rings are perfect to wear for fun Father’s Day outings, such as playing sports or going 4-wheeling.

Men’s Rings for Father’s Day

If your dad isn’t a science fiction fan, we have some other suitable silicone rings for men for Father’s Day. If your dad loves the outdoors, get him a silicone ring engraved with foliage. He can wear it hiking, biking, rock climbing, hunting, running or pursuing any outdoor hobby.

For the dad who loves reptiles, we have our classic silicone dragon ring, etched with scales. It’s shown in green but comes in many other colors as well. Check out all our rings and men’s silicone bracelets to find the style that’s right for your dad.

Custom Silicone Rings & Bracelets

Make your Father’s Day gift unique by having us personalize your ring for you. Among our top requests for customization are:

  • Name

  • Nickname

  • Birthdate

  • Father's Day Date

  • Date of child's birth

  • Other special word, number, or symbol.

Your dad will be thrilled to receive a custom silicone bracelet or engraved ring from his kids. He’ll wear it with pride wherever he goes.

Speaking of pride, we are also featuring our Pride silicone bracelets in June for Pride Month, so if you have two dads, get them a pair of Pride couples’ silicone bracelets. Take it a step further and have them both engraved. Choose your dads’ names, 6/20/21 (Father’s Day this year), their wedding anniversary date or your birthdate.

How to Measure Ring Size

If you’re concerned you may get the wrong ring size for your dad, we can help! We have a handy tutorial showing you how to measure ring size. If your gift is a surprise and you don’t want to tip off your dad, wait until he falls asleep and simply wrap a string or piece of paper around his finger and mark it to measure later.

By any chance if you make a mistake and the ring doesn’t fit, don’t worry — we’re happy to exchange it for you.

The Best in Men’s Rings

Regardless of the recipient or the occasion, a silicone ring from Enso Rings is a perfect gift. They’re safe, practical and beautiful. Order your silicone ring or silicone bracelet today.

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