Can Silicone Rings Be Resized?

As silicone rings have become more and more popular, a question often comes up about the ability to resize your ring. Since most silicone rings are purchased online without the opportunity to try them on in person, you may be worried that you could end up with a size that is too large or too small and need to fix it. The short answer is no, silicone rings can’t really be resized. The longer answer might require delving a little into the science of silicone.

The Scientific Properties of Silicone

Silicone rings are made of a synthetic rubber material (meaning they are man-made, which is different from naturally-occurring rubber). The components that make up silicone rings are all naturally-occurring materials, including:

  • Silicon (from silica sand)

  • Oxygen

  • Carbon

  • Hydrogen

At the base of these materials is what is call a siloxane, or a silicon-oxygen (Si-O) bond. Combining these materials creates an exceptionally strong bond. Adding in other components like hydrogen and carbon allow for some of the elasticity and flexibility in the material, which is why silicone rings are stretchy.

This elasticity comes from the makeup of the silicone material, which is called a polymer. Inside a silicone ring are polymer chains (multiple chains of atoms bonded together) that are coiled tightly in random patterns. When you stretch the material, the polymer chains stretch out, but they don’t stay that way. As soon as you stop applying force to stretch the silicone rubber, the polymer chains return to their coiled state. For that reason, it’s impossible to resize a silicone ring.

Busting Internet Myths

There is some information online that explains how to resize a silicone ring, but it’s important to note that this is not scientifically sound. The website instructions say to boil the ring prior to resizing, which is supposed to make the material pliable. While boiling your silicone ring is a great way to sanitize it, it won’t change the size. Silicone rubber can withstand very extreme temperatures (up to about 500 degrees Fahrenheit) without changing its chemical properties and makeup, so putting it in a pot of boiling water that is around 212 degrees Fahrenheit won’t change the ring at all.

A Better Option for Sizing

Instead, you can check out the helpful Ring Sizing Guide available on Enso Rings to get the perfect size according to your finger size. You can use a measuring tape or other household items to find out how big your finger is, and the corresponding ring size. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing down so it’s a little snug and catch stretch to fit rather than being too big. If you still choose the wrong size and find out when you get your ring, Enso Rings has a 100% guarantee so we’ll exchange it for the right size.

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