Can Silicone Rings Shrink?

Silicone rings are great for many different reasons, but since they are made of a material that is somewhat pliable, many people wonder whether they are going to shrink. Unlike metal rings, which never change size over time (without specifically having them resized, which can be expensive and a hassle), silicone rings can stretch. For the most part, though, they do not shrink. 

But I Found Instructions Online to Shrink My Ring

There are some online posts out there that claim you can shrink a silicone wedding ring through a process of boiling the ring until it becomes malleable enough to changes it shape. Unfortunately this is inaccurate, and you cannot really shrink a silicone ring once you purchase a specific size. Initially after taking it out of a pot of boiling water it may feel slightly tighter, but it will return to its original size because that’s what silicone does. 

That lack of change is actually one of the top reasons people like silicone for so many different applications. You can expose it to extreme temperatures, including very hot and very cold temps, and it will come out of it exactly the same as it went in. When you’re planning to take your ring everywhere you want to go, the ability for it to maintain its shape and size is very important. 

A Better Option

If you get a silicone ring that is the wrong size, or your hands change over time and your ring becomes too big, rather than spending time on what is probably going to be a failed attempt to shrink it, a better option would be to just get a new ring. Hopefully you purchased your silicone wedding ring from Enso Rings, which offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and whose friendly and helpful customer service team can get you a free replacement ring in the right size if yours doesn’t fit. 

How it Should Fit

Silicone wedding rings shouldn’t fit exactly like a metal ring, which should fit on your finger without being tight at all. Instead, they should feel just a little bit tight when you first purchase them because they will probably stretch a little over time as you wear them, and it’s better to have it feel a little small at first, then stretch to become the perfect fit over time.

At the same time, you don’t want it to be too tight because that can cut off circulation to your finger and make it feel very uncomfortable. 

You can use Enso Rings hand ring sizing guide to help you find the one that will work best. Since silicone rings don’t come in half sizes, if you’re between two measurements, size down for a slightly snug fit rather than a ring that’s too big.

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