Can You Engrave Silicone Rings? 

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a personalized gift, and for many years people have used ring engraving as a way to send a special message of devotion and caring to someone they love. These engravings have traditionally been done on metal rings, which provide a hard surface for engravers to etch a permanent message. As silicone rings have grown in popularity, many people wonder whether they can still engrave a special message on a ring. The answer is definitely yes, and Enso Rings provides professional engraving as part of our silicone ring buying options.


Why Ring Engravings Matter 

Some ring engravings come from inspiring love stories, while others are meant to be an inside joke or some memory that you have together. No matter the story behind your ring engraving, people have long used the inside of a ring as a place to add a personalized message that provides a little added romance and emotion. 

Engraving can also provide a way to differentiate a piece of jewelry from others, or to cement the jewelry as a piece that belongs exclusively to the recipient. 

For some, the engraved message isn’t necessarily their own—you may draw inspiration from historical love stories, or even other pieces of jewelry exhibited in a museum

There is evidence that ring engravings have been around since 12th-century France and England, where people included messages of faith, love, or commemoration to the inside of a ring that was perhaps the earliest derivation of our modern-day wedding band.


How to Decide on Your Engraving 

Once you decide that you want your silicone ring engraved, the next step is to figure out what you want it to say. Enso Rings provides professional engraving for a wide variety of ring styles so you can find one that perfectly suits your style and gives you the opportunity to include a special message. 

As you are thinking about what to engrave:

  • Consider the effect you want it to have for the recipient – funny, charming, romantic

  • Find inspiration from other historical engravings, literature, pop culture, etc.

  • Decide if you want the message engraved on the inside or outside (unlike metal engravings, an exterior engraving on a silicone ring won’t fade much over time); interior engravings are more private, while exterior ones will be a constant reminder

  • Choose the appropriate typeface (serif, sans-serif, or italic) and whether you want all caps, all lowercase, or a mix

  • Keep it short and sweet—Enso Rings allows up to 35 characters, including spaces and any of our 8 available symbols


Shop Today for Your Engraved Silicone Ring 

When you know what you want, shop the collection of engravable rings at Enso Rings and find the perfect symbol of love, devotion, or friendship.

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