The popularity of silicone rings took off a few years ago, and for many people it was the first time they had ever thought about any alternatives to wearing a metal ring. The desire to wear a silicone ring is definitely not something exclusive to just married couples, but mainly it was a way for people to keep wearing that symbol of love and commitment no matter where they were or what they were doing. 

For those who already had another wedding ring, either a metal wedding band, a diamond ring, or both, the question naturally came up about whether it was okay to have both a silicone ring and a diamond or metal wedding ring. Fortunately the answer is a resounding yes, and in fact, many people who have a silicone ring also have a separate metal or diamond ring. 

When to Wear Your Silicone Ring

Having a second ring that is silicone is the perfect option for a wide variety of activities. Silicone rings can be worn in any situation where you want to have a ring on, but you don’t want one that is dangerous or constricting like a metal or diamond ring. 

Metal wedding bands and diamond wedding rings are made with hard metals that don’t bend, flex, or give at all. That makes them particularly dangerous for activities where you are using your hands a lot, or where the ring might get caught on something. When your ring gets caught and it’s a metal ring, it can cause a significant injury called ring avulsion. 

This injury can range from very mild with just some bruising to very serious. The reason is that the ring will not break even with a massive amount of force applied (by getting caught on something). Your finger is what suffers all the trauma from the ring getting yanked away from your body. In the most severe situations, a ring avulsion injury could actually lead to amputation, although fortunately that is rare. 

For that reason, it’s best to wear a silicone ring when you plan to be out and about doing activities that require the use of your hands or present a potential injury risk. You can wear a silicone ring: 

  • At the gym

  • Swimming

  • Kayaking & SUPing 

  • Rock climbing

  • Mountain biking

  • Hiking

  • Running

  • Boating & sailing

  • Playing sports

  • Surfing

  • Camping

  • Any other indoor or outdoor activities

You can also wear your secondary silicone ring at work if your job is a place where it’s not safe or practical to wear a metal ring. These include: 

  • Military

  • Law enforcement

  • Firefighters

  • Healthcare workers (nurses, physicians)

  • Electricians

  • Heavy machine operators

  • Construction workers and contractors

  • Auto mechanics

  • Daycare facilities

Why Silicone Rings are Perfect Second Rings

Having a metal wedding ring or a diamond wedding band is a long-standing tradition that many people do want to continue. While many people who purchase a silicone ring eventually decide that they want to wear it all the time (probably since it’s so comfortable and convenient) there are also many people who don’t want to give up their beautiful and sentimental metal or diamond ring. That’s okay, because silicone rings are ideal as second rings for several reasons. 

  • Cost – they are a super affordable ring, so you can definitely spring for the cost to purchase a second ring in addition to your wedding ring. You can even purchase more than one if you prefer to keep them in your gym bag, your car, your boat, and with your outdoor gear so you always have it no matter what adventure you are on.

  • Style – they are great rings to accessorize any outfit you are wearing. Since they are made of rubber, they can be dyed in basically any color or design you want. You can get a silicone ring that complements your favorite work outfit or just something simple to blend in when you don’t want your ring to be the center of attention.

  • Comfort – perhaps the best reason to consider getting a silicone ring as your secondary ring is for the comfort. These rings are made of soft silicone rubber that is extremely lightweight. You can easily slide them on your finger and they fit snugly so you don’t have to worry about whether they will come off (even in the water or sweaty conditions like at the gym). During physical activities your fingers often swell, but these rings won’t cut off circulation and become uncomfortable. They are also easy to get off during or after a workout so you never need to worry about whether your ring will be stuck on your finger. 

Choosing Your Silicone Ring Sidekick

When you are ready to take advantage of all the great benefits of having a silicone ring in addition to your metal or diamond wedding ring, check out Enso Rings. We have a huge selection of rings available for men and women in all styles and sizes. Find your perfect secondary silicone ring today to pair with your wedding ring and wear it when it’s not practical or possible to wear metal or diamond rings.

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