Can You Shower with Silicone Ring?

Have you decided that you want to trade in your metal ring for a silicone ring? Great choice. Most people who decide to go with silicone rings find that they are extremely comfortable, durable, and affordable. One of the great benefits that silicone rings offer is the versatility to go just about anywhere you want. That includes taking your silicone ring in the water, and yes, the shower if you would like.

Silicone Rings are Durable

Since silicone rings are made of a stretchy rubber material, they are a very durable product. You can take them just about anywhere you need to go, including in extreme temperatures like very hot or very cold environments. They are also able to repel water as a rubber material.

Natural rubber (the kind found on rubber trees), called latex, is not the same as the material that you will find for silicone rings. These rings are made of a combination of several different naturally-occurring materials combined in a man-made final product. That includes:

  • Silica sand (treated to become silicon)

  • Carbon

  • Hydrogen

  • Oxygen

  • Other elements if desired

The great thing about silicone rings is that while they are technically manmade, all the items used to make them are natural elements, so they are safe for almost everyone, including those that are allergic to latex. Once combined, these ingredients form a tight bond that can bend and flex, but doesn’t absorb any other materials, including liquids like water. That means you can definitely shower with your ring on, and take it swimming, to the lake for kayaking, SUPing, and more.

Proper Silicone Ring Care

To properly care for your silicone ring, it’s important that you cleanse it regularly with soap and warm water. The shower is actually an ideal place to do this, since you’re already getting clean. Take your ring in the shower with you and use mild soap and your hands, a wash rag, or a loofah to scrub the ring and remove any visible dirt or invisible bacteria or contaminants. Then let it air dry when you get out of the shower. If you need to speed up drying, use a towel or a blow dryer.

It’s also a good idea to let your finger “breathe” a little without silicone rubber against it. For that reason we recommend leaving the ring off for several hours at night, usually while you sleep is plenty of time.

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