Can You Wear Silicone Rings in the Water?

If you’re a water enthusiast, or you work in and around the water every day (even if it’s just with your hands) you may be wondering whether a silicone ring could work for you. For many people whose professions or hobbies involve water, the solution is simply to take off your ring. But for others who want to be able to keep a ring on even in the water, silicone wedding rings and bands offer a great alternative to metal.


Silicone Rings and Water

Silicone rings are soft, stretchy, and flexible, which makes them ideal for wearing in and around the water. Unlike metal rings, the flexibility of a silicone ring means that it can fit tightly around your finger, and won’t slip off when you swim or get your hands wet. Silicone, a man-made material that often include carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, naturally-occurring materials that when combined are non-toxic and safe for almost everyone. Silicone rings are also water repellant and can withstand significant temperature variations. All these properties are ideal for those whose professions and hobbies involve water.


Who Can Wear Silicone Rings?

Anyone whose hobbies involve water can safely wear a silicone ring, including:

  • Surfers

  • Swimmers

  • Boaters and Sailors

  • Divers

  • Kayakers

  • Canoers

  • Snorkelers

  • Water skiers and Wakeboarders

  • Parasailers

  • Jet skiers

  • Bodysurfers

You may have a job that keeps you in the water as well, such as:

  • Aquaculture

  • Fisherman

  • Lifeguard

  • Dishwashing

  • Laundromats, and more

No matter what you do for fun or work in the water, your ring can go along for the ride. Every now and then it’s a good idea to take it off and let the skin under your ring air out a bit, especially after getting out of the water.


Choosing the Right Fit

One important thing for people who do plan to wear a silicone ring in the water is getting the right fit. Since water can make your fingers more slippery, it’s best to size down your ring to ensure it stays securely around your finger at all times. The great news is that because silicone rings are so affordable, you can even buy two if necessary—a smaller one that you wear in the water and a slightly larger one that fits when you’re on land.


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