Can You Wear Silicone Rings to Work Out?

One of the most common questions that people want to know is can you wear silicone rings to work out? If you have a membership in a local gym or you’ve been around people who are getting their sweat on lately, you have probably seen a few of them wearing silicone rings during their workout. It might have surprised you at first—after all, if you’re used to traditional metal wedding rings you probably know how dangerous those can be in a high-activity setting like a gym.

Silicone Rings and Workout Safety

One of the primary reasons that silicone rings have become so popular over the past several years is the fact that they are very safe to wear. Silicone rings, made of a stretchy silicone rubber material, have many advantages over metal rings when you are in a gym or doing another type of workout.

A serious concern when you’re doing a workout and want to wear a wedding ring, promise ring, or other ring is whether you can safely wear it without risking a ring avulsion injury. These injuries are not really common, but they can be very gruesome and painful. A ring avulsion happens when the ring you are wearing around your finger gets caught on something and torn away from your finger. If the ring is made of traditional materials like gold or silver, it will not break. What that means is that the ring will be pulled violently from your finger because that very hard metal doesn’t have any “give” in it.

These injuries often result in some level of tissue damage, including damage to:

  • Skin

  • Muscles

  • Ligaments

  • Joints

In worse-case scenarios, they can also lead to what is known as a traumatic amputation. While all types of ring avulsion injuries are painful, a traumatic amputation ends with the removal of your entire finger that had the ring on it. Even in situations where you do not have a finger amputated, the resulting injuries can be devastating and lead to long-term inability to use your fingers or hand in the ways that you did before, or extensive surgery and physical therapy to regain function.

Workouts and other high-intensity exercises can be particularly risky because they involve a lot of equipment where your ring could get caught, as well as a lot of high-volume and rapid movements of your hands and body. Wearing a silicone ring is much safer for workouts because if the ring were to get caught on something, it would simply break off your finger, leaving the finger intact with only very minor injuries like some bruising, or no injuries at all.

Silicone Rings and Workout Comfort

Silicone rings are also very popular during workouts because they allow you to remain comfortable the whole time you exercise. During intense workouts you can experience a lot of different issues with a traditional metal ring:

  • Swollen fingers could cause your ring to become uncomfortably tight and cut off circulation

  • If you are swimming or in water as part of your exercise, the ring could easily slip off and get lost

  • Workouts that involve heavy weights, barbells, pull-up bars, or other similar equipment, could lead to skin getting pinched between a metal ring and metal equipment

All of these things are not a concern when you wear a silicone ring. Since they are made of a stretchy silicone rubber material, the silicone rings are completely flexible and can bend and move with your body. They will stretch as needed if your fingers and hands get swollen (especially on hot or humid days when you’re running or working out outside). They will also hug your finger tightly even when they get wet, so you don’t have to stress about losing your ring at the bottom of the pool, lake, or ocean during a workout. The rubbery material will never pinch when it comes in contact with gym equipment, keeping your finger.

Silicone Workout Ring Durability

Another benefit of wearing silicone rings for workouts is that they are designed to withstand just about anything that you put them up against. If you are wearing a metal wedding ring to work out, lifting and moving different gym equipment could cause damage to your ring, including scratches and other blemishes. Silicone rings don’t have any of those issues and can be used with metal bars, dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bars, and all other types of gym equipment.

While they can break if there is a risk of serious injury to your finger, they can also withstand a high level of force without breaking. Instead they will just stretch out (like a rubberband), then go right back to a perfect fit.

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