Can You Wear Silicone Rings While Pregnant?

Silicone rings are becoming a more common sight around work, the gym, and daily life. For millions of people, these rings provide a comfortable alternative to metal wedding bands that is both safe and stylish. They also make the perfect accessory for women who are pregnant, as well as those who are new moms. 

Biological Changes in Pregnancy

It will come as no surprise that your body experiences a lot of changes during pregnancy. Biologically, it has to prepare you to grow another human. To accommodate this small human as it grows, your body will start to swell. The excess water has a couple of very specific purposes:

  • It helps to soften the tissues in your body, which allow it to expand as your baby grows and develops

  • It also prepares your pelvic joints and other tissues for delivery, since they will need to stretch when you welcome that bundle of joy into the world

Swelling occurs in your whole body and tends to focus in areas of your joints, like legs, ankles, hands, and feet. If you’re wearing a metal wedding ring, chances are it won’t fit comfortably for long. Metal rings never stretch or expand, so as your body does that to accommodate your new baby, that ring is going to get tight. Many women opt to simply remove their ring during pregnancy, but since swelling can show up around the beginning to middle of the second trimester, that can be a long time without a ring.

Post-Delivery Silicone Ring Benefits

Once you deliver your baby, life gets a little crazy. While adorable, your newborn is also going to be stressful…and messy. New moms will learn quickly that a baby has a significant capacity for creating messes, from leaked poopy diapers to spit up and baby foods. As they get older (and become toddlers), their capacity for messes only increases. Chances are your hands are going to be messy a lot of the time, and if you’re wearing a ring with a beautiful diamond on it, it will be destroyed most of the time. 

That beautiful diamond could also be a hazard to your baby, especially if it sticks up and has prongs for the setting. Those can quickly become a risk for scratching your newborn baby’s skin, which will definitely make you feel terrible and could be avoided with a silicone ring.

Silicone rings are super comfortable, so they won’t get in the way of your daily life as you go through motherhood. Plus they’re easy to clean. Most things come off with soap and warm water, but if you need a deep cleaning you can just toss it in the dishwasher or in a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes to remove any and all germs. 

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