People who love the water and spend a lot of time swimming in open bodies of water, swimming pools, or even the ocean, might find that wearing a ring is a difficult thing to do with your hobby. That’s probably because you have been conditioned to think that a metal ring is the only choice you have for wedding rings. The good news is that silicone rings are a new option available to wear, and you can definitely wear a silicone ring while swimming.

Properties of Silicone Rubber

Silicone is definitely not a new material, it has been used in everything from industrial applications to household, medical, and food applications for decades. The type of silicone that is used to make silicone wedding rings is manmade, meaning it doesn’t occur naturally, but it is composed of a variety of organic and inorganic materials that are natural. It begins with one of the most abundant materials on earth: silica sand. This is processed to become silicon, which is then combined with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon to form one of the strongest and most durable materials.

The “backbone” of a silicone rubber is an extremely strong and stable siloxane bond (– Si – O – Si – O –). This gives silicone rings high heat resistance, chemical stability, and insultation so it won’t get damaged in a wide variety of settings, including the water. It also has very high heat resistance and can withstand low temperatures without losing it shape or properties.

Silicone Rubber and Water

You can immerse silicone rubber completely in water, including cold water, warm water, and boiling water, with less than 1% absorption, which will easily dry out once you remove it from the water. In addition, silicone doesn’t lose any of its strength or stretch properties when you put it in water. Even when exposed to high temperatures like steam, your silicone ring will remain intact and will not lose any of its comfort and durability.

Swap Your Metal Ring for Silicone

Whether you want to swim for recreation or you spend a lot of time in the water as part of your profession, you can swap your metal ring (that you can’t wear in the water for fear of losing it or damaging it) for a silicone ring today. These rings are comfortable, durable, and perfectly capable of spending long periods of time in water with no changes and no damage.

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