It’s not hard to spot couples wearing silicone engagement or wedding rings. You see them at work, at the mall, in restaurants, at church — almost everywhere. What makes people favor silicone wedding bands and engagement rings? Enso Rings has some insight into this question, as well as a wide selection of silicone wedding rings.

Silicone Rings for Engagements

Traditionally in the U.S., diamond rings are synonymous with engagements. Diamonds are some of the most expensive stones in the world, and their preciousness is symbolic in an engagement.

Although dowries are still part of engagements in some parts of the world, they are uncommon now in the U.S. Years ago, a dowry was a payment the bride’s family made to the groom (or the groom’s family). The idea was that the bride’s father (or family) had to support her as long as she lived with them, and once the groom agreed to marry her, this burden was lifted off the bride’s family. For this favor, the bride’s family paid a dowry. 

Oftentimes the bride then moved into the groom’s home and was then expected to serve not only him, but his parents and perhaps other family members as well. 

Luckily, these days of servitude are mostly over. Today, the presentation of an engagement ring represents a contract between two people. One asks the other to marry them and presents a ring, and the other — if they agree to marry them — puts the ring on as a symbol of their commitment. 

In fact, most courts of law will side with the groom if they wants they ring back after a broken engagement. The exception sometimes is if the ring is presented on the recipient’s birthday, Valentine’s Day or another holiday in which it can be presumed the ring is a gift. 

It’s no secret that in some circles, diamond size equates closely with social status. Many a groom has gone deeply into debt to satisfy their betrothed’s desired for a big diamond.

Today, more couples are eschewing this expensive tradition and opting for silicone engagement rings and wedding bands instead. Top reasons for this include:

  1. Silicone wedding rings are much cheaper. You can save literally thousands of dollars when you opt to buy a silicone engagement ring or wedding rings. You can put this money toward a better cause, such as a down payment on a house, a bigger wedding, a nicer honeymoon, a new car, to pay down debt or hundreds of other reasons.

  2. Silicone rings are a more socially responsible choice. Many of the world’s diamond mines are found in Africa — Botswana and the Democratic Republic of Congo, specifically. The diamonds mined here are often referred to as blood diamonds because they are mined via forced labor and their sales often go to fund wars. 

  3. Silicone wedding rings can be a show of solidarity. If one half of the couple can’t wear a traditional metal wedding ring because of the type of job they have — firefighter, military, medical, etc. — then it can be a show of solidarity for the other half of the couple to commit to wearing a silicone ring as well. After all, there is little point in paying for a metal ring to put on during the ceremony if it’s just going to spend the rest of its days in a drawer at home. Plus, when you commit to wearing silicone rings, you can get a matching set. Many of our rings come in three styles — standard, thin and halo — so you can get different styles of the same color. 

  4. Silicone engagement rings can be a testament to your lifestyle. If you’re an outdoorsy couple always on the go, rock climbing, camping, hunting and engaging in other rugged sports and pastimes, wearing metal rings is dangerous. Silicone rings are safe, and you’ll become known among your friend groups as the active couple with silicone wedding rings. To underscore the point, you can even get Earth Day silicone wedding rings, available in Deep Sea, Forest, Ocean Mist, Sunburst and Horizon, or green or white etched with a mountain or forest design. If you’re a couple of gym rats or competitive in the weightlifting or body building arenas, silicone wedding rings are perfect. 

  5. Silicone wedding rings are safe. Depending on where you live or what your line of work is, a traditional diamond ring or wedding band may not be safe to wear. If you’re in law enforcement or criminal justice, wearing flashy jewelry is discouraged and sometimes even banned. A silicone ring is the perfect substitute. 

  6. Silicone wedding rings are convenient. You may have heard of the practice of women who are not married wearing wedding bands to discourage overtures from men. Some professions, such as bartending, waitressing and dancing, seem to attract more of this type of problem than others, such as office work. Some women like to wear wedding rings to the gym or when they’re out with their friends, hoping it will deter men from approaching. But buying a gold wedding band for this purpose is an expensive way to get the peace you’re after. A silicone ring is an economical wedding ring. Plus, as soon as you leave the aggressive environment, you can move the ring to another finger or hand, and it becomes a fashion accessory!

Engraved Rings from Enso

To make your silicone wedding rings even more special, get them engraved. You can choose to engrave them with your wedding date, each of your initials or first names, or any special word or number of your choosing. Enso Rings even makes rings engraved on the outside with the infinity symbol — perfect as an engagement or wedding ring.  

Talk to your sweetheart today about a silicone engagement ring or silicone wedding rings from Enso Rings.

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