Do Silicone Rings Come in Half Sizes?

Finding the perfect ring size is essential, especially if you plan to get a silicone ring to replace your current wedding band and you want to be able to wear it every day. Ring sizing is a pretty standardized thing, and most jewelry stores offer metal rings that come in full and half sizes starting around size 4 and going up to a size 13 or 14. While silicone ring sizing is pretty similar and comes in a variety of sizes, there are actually no half sizes. For that reason, it’s important to understand how to properly measure and how to decide if you happen to fall between sizes.

How to Measure for Your Ring Size

Ring sizes are measured in millimeters, which provides a very accurate metric to fit a ring perfectly around your finger. If you have a flexible tape measure, you can quickly measure your finger diameter (in millimeters) to find out your size and compare it to the online size guide. It’s important to follow a few guidelines to get the right sizing: 

  • Measure the diameter of your finger right below your knuckle

  • Measure the same finger you plan to wear the ring on

  • Make sure you’re measuring the correct hand, since the fingers on a dominant hand might be slightly bigger than those on a non-dominant hand

  • Measure under optimal weather and health conditions—fingers can get smaller in the cold, and swell in the heat, after a workout, or when you are sick or retaining fluids

Shopping Online for a Ring

If you’re shopping for a ring in a traditional jewelry store you may not even find out what size you wear, because you can simply try on several rings and figure out which one fits best. Shopping online can be a little bit harder because you won’t be able to figure out which size works for you, and you’ll have to rely on sizing guides and measurements. 

Fortunately Enso Rings offers several options to help

  • Millimeter sizing if you know the diameter of your ring finger

  • Instructions on how to find your ring size without a tape measure

  • Downloadable and printable PDF that you can measure using any flexible material (like a string, a thin strip of paper, or a thread)

  • An online ring sizing guide that you calibrate with a credit/debit card and can measure using an existing ring

What if I’m a Half Size?

If you happen to fall into a half size, we recommend going down to the next lowest full size. This will give you a silicone ring that is snug and comfortable without being too tight, and that won’t fall off. Over time it may stretch slightly and fit perfectly to your finger. 

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