Do Silicone Rings Last? 

If you have been considering the purchase of a silicone ring, one primary concern you may have is whether or not a silicone ring will last. That is, if you invest in these rings, can they withstand your lifestyle, or are you going to need to continually purchase a new ring because they get ruined? For the most part, the answer is yes—silicone rings are extremely durable and made of a silicone rubber material that will not get destroyed from everyday wear. However, there are some situations where your silicone ring will actually get damaged, but it’s not a bad thing. We’ll talk a little more about each of these factors to help you decide.


1: Silicone Ring Durability 

Silicone rubber is one of the most durable manmade products available. It’s composed of silica, a naturally-occurring element that is transformed into silicon, then shaped into silicone rubber by combining it with carbon, oxygen, and other elements. It can withstand temperature extremes up to 500 and down to -75 degrees Fahrenheit without losing its shape, and can go pretty much anywhere without getting scratched or damaged.


2: When Silicone Rings Will Break 

There are times when a silicone ring will break, and it’s actually a good thing. Ring avulsion injuries occur when your metal ring gets caught on something and the force of gravity pulling your body down causes the ring to be violently pulled from your finger. Since metal won’t break or bend, it’s your finger that will suffer the brunt of the injury. In some serious cases your finger may even get amputated by the metal ring (that’s why many people can’t wear metal rings in workplaces where they could be at risk for these injuries). Silicone rings will break when you apply enough force, so they can actually protect your finger from these traumatic injuries.


3: One Final Consideration 

One final thing to consider is the affordability of silicone rings. Even if your ring does get lost or damaged along the way, the price (which averages around $40) is far lower than your traditional jewelry, especially metal wedding bands or diamond rings. In fact, you could purchase 12 silicone rings for the price of a men’s metal wedding band ($468), and more than 150 silicone rings for the average cost of a women’s engagement and wedding band set ($6,113). 

If you have been considering silicone but you were worried about whether it would last, the answer is that a silicone ring will be extremely durable and will last through just about anything you can think of; if it does happen to get damaged, though, you can easily afford to replace it.

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