Jewelry is often considered a symbol of love and commitment. Some people believe the more jewelry costs, the greater the commitment, but the evidence points to the contrary. Love, support, honor and devotion have no price tag. Enso Rings has created an affordable, beautiful symbol of love and trust in our engraved Infinity Ring collection.

The Meaning of the Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol, most often used in math, is also known as a lazy eight, because it looks like the number 8 lying on its side, although the technical term is lemniscate. 

According to, the symbol was first used in the 17th century to symbolize infinity or eternity. The theory goes that you can travel around and through the figure 8 eternally, and this is how is has come to be associated with marriage, meant to last infinitely.

Infinity Rings for Married Couples

The most obvious buyers for our engraved Infinity Rings are married and engaged couples. Many marriage vows include the words “until death do us part,” but other religions have ceremonies in which couples remain married even after they die. This brings a new meaning to the term “infinity.” 

Couples who become engaged are thrilled to plan their weddings and start their lives together. An engagement ring is often part of the process. However, some engagements are a year or more down the road. Couples who want to cement their commitment before their big day can get a set of engraved Infinity Rings to wear in the meantime.

This is a great idea for several reasons. First, you get to proclaim your love for and commitment to each other right away. Second, you have a set of silicone wedding bands you can wear instead of your metal rings at any time during your marriage.

You can take off your metal wedding ring and replace it with your silicone wedding band when you’re cooking, working, going to the gym, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, gardening or doing anything messy or dangerous.

Infinity Rings for Committed Couples

Not everyone wants to get married. There are lots of reasons for tis — you eschew the patriarchal institution, you swore you’d never get married again after your most recent unsuccessful marriage, you don’t believe in the institution of marriage, you have a financial concern, etc. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in a serious, committed relationship. 

Silicone rings are a great alternative to traditional wedding bands for this type of relationship. You may want to schedule a commitment ceremony at which you exchange your silicone rings. You may even want to write a script as an alternative to what a priest, minister or rabbi would say. When you choose silicone rings for this type of ceremony, rings engraved with infinity symbols are the perfect choice. 

Promise Rings 

When a couple exchanges promise rings, it’s an exciting time, but it may be several years before the couple actually gets married. Some young couples commit to each other while still in high school, but don’t plan to get married until after college. 

An engraved Infinity Ring is a great choice for pre-engaged couples. It shows their true commitment to one another, and announces to the world that they are off the market, which is extra helpful if you are attending separate colleges. 

Family & Friends

People often ask if silicone rings are only for marriage because they resemble wedding bands. But the answer is no, all kinds of people wear silicone rings for many reasons. That’s why a silicone ring is a great gift for a family member or friend. 

Infinite love is not only for married couples. You may present engraved Infinity Rings to each of your children to mark special events in their lives, such as their 18th birthday or when they go off to college. They can wear it every day, or just when they feel like it.

An Infinity Ring is also a great gift for sisters or best friends. The bond among women is so strong, why not cement it with an engraved Infinity Ring? 


While the symbol for infinity usually has rounded edges, the version that is engraved on Enso Infinity Rings is more angular, and some have compared it to the ichthus symbol. 

However, regardless of what religion you are (or even if you aren’t any religion), the infinity sign can symbolize knowledge and enlightenment. You can wear an Enso Infinity Ring as a symbol of your love and commitment to God and church, or you can wear it as a reminder to seek the light, grow and learn.

Enso Engraved Infinity Rings

Our Infinity rings come in wide or thin widths to suit our customers’ tastes. In wide widths, you can get Obsidian, Slate, Navy Blue, Oxblood or Pine. In thin, you can get Turquoise, Obsidian, Oxblood, Pink Sand, Slate, White and Plum. 

If you and your partner have different width rings in mind but you still want them the match, you can choose Obsidian, Oxblood or Slate. If width isn’t that important to you, you can get two of the same exact ring. Or just get different colors — the engraved Infinity symbol will serve as the match.

You can make your engraved Infinity Ring even more special by having the inside engraved as well. You can have the recipient’s name or initials engraved inside or a special date, such as your wedding anniversary, their birthday or the date of their graduation. You can choose your font too, so it can match the mood and theme of your gift. We offer a selection of symbols you can add to your engraving, including an airplane, free weight, flower, musical note, diamond, yin and yang and many more.

Order your Infinity silicone rings from Enso Rings today.

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