Enso Rings and Peloton Launch Exclusive Silicone Ring Designs


Enso Rings is excited to announce a partnership with the world’s largest interactive fitness platform, Peloton.

As a Peloton owner, you know that feeling you get when you just finished a ride or a run – the sweat streaming down your face from pushing your body to the limits, and the satisfaction of achieving milestones like your 100th ride. Pelotons are more than just another piece of fitness equipment. That transformative experience they provide, of actually enjoying your workout, is what we celebrate at Enso Rings. We make silicone rings for every adventure, whether it’s climbing to the top of a mountain or climbing the Leaderboard in your next Peloton class.

In September, we’re launching two exclusive designs only available to the Peloton community through OnePeloton.com. These designs include our best-selling Elements and Dualtone designs. With “breathing chambers” for added comfort, and lightweight material for a barely-there feel, these rings are ideal for sweaty workouts and everyday wear.

  • Elements diamond silicone rings include small flecks of diamond and precious metals that blur the lines between silicone and traditional metal rings.

  • Dualtone silicone rings for Peloton will feature an exclusive combination of obsidian and slate for a ring that fits your life and your style.

Why Enso Rings & Peloton Belong Together

Enso Rings were first introduced in 2015 after co-founders and childhood friends Aaron Dalley and Brighton Jones realized their metal wedding rings couldn’t keep up with their active lifestyles. They introduced an alternative: silicone wedding rings, a soft, stretchy material that could go virtually anywhere and be safely worn in a variety of outdoor, gym, and workplace scenarios where metal rings could not.

The exclusive Peloton collection includes all the features that people have come to love about their silicone rings, including:

  • Comfort – silicone rubber is soft, flexible, and lightweight so most of the time you’ll probably forget you are even wearing a ring at all

  • Durability – silicone is a strong material built to withstand almost anything you put it through, including temperature extremes, water, weather, and more

  • Safety – when you’re in the middle of an intense spin session you don’t want your ring to hold you back, and silicone rings are made of a stretchy material that doesn’t put your fingers at risk of injury

  • Style – the sleek designs for members of the Peloton Community can easily go from your workouts to your everyday life

  • Affordability – at just $29.99-$39.99, these exclusive rings definitely won’t break the bank

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