The stuff available now to make parenting a little easier blows my mind: minivans that double as home theaters, houses with built-in vacuums, binkies that take temperatures, and Enso Rings. How can a silicone ring make life a little easier? It starts being useful when a lot of us first start to feel like parents–when you’re pregnant.

A Magical Time… Sort Of

Enso Rings won’t scratch your kiddos, and can go from the pool to out on the town.

Pregnancy is that magical time when a woman’s body changes as it creates a new life. Except, sometimes it’s not so magical. Sometimes, it’s ginger tea and soda crackers for every meal. Sometimes, it’s being able to smell EVERYTHING … even the things you desperately wish you couldn't. And sometimes, pregnancy seems to be about swelling.

During my first pregnancy, I couldn't wear my clothes (no surprise there) but I couldn't wear my shoes, either (which was a surprise). Feet, ankles, legs, and hands–I closely resembled the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. (And due to my miserable swelling, I was mean like him, too.) Since platinum bands are not known for their expandability, I couldn't wear my wedding ring while I was pregnant. And come to find out it carried through into postpartum and breastfeeding as well.

Now, in this modern age of parenthood, my younger sister is experiencing pregnancy with more of its joys–and a lot less of its pains. Her husband got her a pink (they’re hoping for a girl) Enso Ring that expands as she does. (Silicone is much more forgiving of edema too.)

That Diaper Cream, Though

Ahh… so much better! Enso Stackable Rings are a cute and comfy solution for everyday.

But the advantages of a softer wedding band don’t end after you’ve delivered your baby, or babies, in my case. After the twins were born, my body went (mostly) back to normal and I put my wedding ring back on. My ring has a good-sized diamond, and because of the way it is set in the band, there are sharp edges that can scratch and catch on things.

My ring would regularly snag the soft knits, sweaters, muslin blankets, and other delicate fabrics that made up a large part of my babies’ garb and gear. It would also catch on their little wriggly baby bodies. And the babies liked being scratched even less than they liked being diapered. (I know this to be true because they would make their opinions known, loudly 😉 So, I learned to turn my diamond around to face the inside of my hand … and this led to another problem.

Who hasn’t resorted to using diaper rash creams? They are a miracle of modern chemistry, and the best kinds are really thick, pasty and don’t easily wipe off. This makes sense since you want it to stick to little baby bums and maintain a barrier between them and a bunch of crap (ha ha). The downside is that the stuff won’t come off if you accidentally get it on yourself or on your ring. (Especially if those rings are conveniently located on the inside of your hand.) Which is why I found myself scrubbing diaper paste out of my wedding ring with a toothbrush almost every other day.

Enso Rings for New Moms

Enso Rings won’t scratch your kiddos, and can go from the pool to out on the town.

However, all of that early ring scrubbing ended up being good practice because it continued to happen a lot, even as my kids got older. Kids are messy and parents get messy right along with them. Until I got my Enso rings, everything to do with my kids somehow collected in the nooks and crannies of my wedding band. Sunscreen, Playdough, dirt/mud, Elmer’s Glue, and various colors of paint left little reminders that eventually built up into that thick layer of gunk that decorates “mom rings” everywhere.

Forget about taking my ring off and putting it back on. I can hardly remember my child’s name, let alone where I put my ring. So, in my abundant spare time, I would pull out the old toothbrush to scrub it all away … only to get coaxed into making cookie dough and be right back to my gunky ring again.

Now that I’m wearing my Enso rings, it’s not a problem: no little cracks and crevices for stuff to get stuck in and the silicone resists both stains and stickiness. Plus, it washes clean without the aid of a toothbrush. In fact, you don’t have to do anything extra at all. You just wash your hands and the Enso rings come out clean. Now, if only it was that easy to clean everything else …

Story submitted by Katie Patience, Enso customer and mother of two rambunctious twin boys.

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