Intent on shaking up the traditional wedding ring industry, we sent our two co-founders to talk with the business tycoons about enhancing and expanding our brand. We knew that if we could talk with the sharks about the safety, cost-effectiveness, and the comfort of silicone rings, they'd be ready to jump on board with our business plan! And guess what? The Sharks took the bait!

After a bit of a bidding war between a couple of sharks, we accepted a half-million-dollar offer in exchange for 15% equity from the one and only Robert Herjavec! We couldn't be happier with the result and the opportunity to team up with Robert, and we're stoked for the exciting things to come not only for Enso, but for YOU our wonderful customers!

While we were simply thrilled just to have the opportunity to showcase Enso Rings on Shark Tank, let alone national television, the entire experience wound up being even more exciting than we could have ever imagined. Watching the Sharks grin throughout the presentation and really understand all of the positives behind silicone rings was incredible. Now more than ever, we strongly believe that silicone rings are the wave of the future!

For fitness lovers, cross-fitters, runners, professional nurses, fire-fighters, police officers, and busy moms, shark or not, we can all agree these rings are the perfect alternative to traditional wedding rings. If you missed our appearance and one-of-a-kind product demo (trust us, it was cool), you're going to want to check it out HERE.

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