It’s nearly Father’s Day, and we know how tough it can be to find just the right gift for the important men in your life. We pulled together this gift guide in hopes of sparking some inspiration; no matter what kind of father figures you have in your life, we can help you find him the best present ever!


For the dad that loves the outdoors and can’t wait for his next excursion, whether it’s hiking, biking, camping, climbing, exploring, or any other adventure he can think of!

1. Enso Infinity Ring — Our outdoor athleisure rings feature a unique infinity sign design and, not to mention, silicone is perfect for protecting his fingers during his romps in nature.

2. Camelbak Cloud Walker Pack — Make sure he remembers to stay hydrated when he’s outside playing. These packs not only have pockets for gear, but can hold water that’s accessible through an straw on the shoulder.

3. ENO DoubleNest Hammock — These hammocks are comfortable and durable for the outdoors, so he can get a good night’s rest (or a nice afternoon nap) while he’s exploring the great outdoors.

4. Lems Boulder Boots — These boots not only look cool, they’re also flexible, water-resistant, and can fold up to the size of a puffer jacket for easy pack transportation.

5. Nomadik Outdoor Subscription Box — If he’s already got one of everything, try signing him up for this subscription box. Each box comes with a different theme, sweet new gear, and adventure challenges to keep him inspired.

6. Stanley Vacuum Mug — He’s gotta have his coffee hot and his gear looking cool. These mugs keep warm beverages for up to seven hours, plus, they’re leak-proof to avoid unfortunate in-pack spillages.

7. Arcade Belt Co. Guide Belt — He’s probably got belts, but are his belts this cool? These are built to stretch and move with him, but are also made of high-quality materials tough enough for any adventure.


For the dad who is a fan through and through. He’s a sports diehard, and considers his favorite team to be (almost as great as) his family.

1. Leatherhead Football — This isn’t made to toss around in the yard! Get him a genuine leather keepsake to display in his room or man-cave.

2. Harvil Tabletop Pool — What’s better than a quick game of pool during commercial break? This fun little table is a unique and cost-effective alternative to the full-sized version.

3. Dad’s Playbook by Tom Limbert — Give him something fun and educational to add to his shelf! This book has great parenting advice for dads who like sports, and even includes a forward by former 49ers quarterback Steve Young.

4. Stadium Seat Cufflinks — These customizable cufflinks are made with the repurposed stadium chairs from his favorite iconic sports arena – they’re truly a unique gift he’ll be excited to wear.

5. Playbook Beer Glasses — 42… 53… 29… HIKE! These are cool, football-themed glasses he can drink his favorite brews out of while he watches the game.

6. Team Branded Soft Cooeler — For all his tailgaiting needs. This cooler fits sixteen cans and keeps them cold for up to 24 hours.


For the dad who is always in the loop with the newest gadgets. He loves the shiny, the innovative, the creative, and most importantly, the downright cool.

1. Enso Legends Ring in Yeti — Our newest rings are unique and eye-catching, and the steely blue color will look great with his new devices.

2. Google Home Mini — If he loves tech, he’s probably heard of this. Google’s version of a smart home assistant has all the power of a full-sized Home device in a small, compact package.

3. Hue Smart Lightbulb Kit —Tech has made great strides since the Clap On-and-Off Lamp. These special lightbulbs feature different brightnesses and colors, and can be controlled with wifi from your smartphone or vocally via your home assistant device.

4. Skullcandy Wireless Headphones — Make his listening experience one that transcends a pair of dollar store earbuds. These headphones have dual-channel haptic bass, and can go for forty hours on one charge.

5. Garmin Speak with Alexa — Give him all the luxuries of a home assistant for his car. Activated with voice speak, this device does GPS, music, weather, to-do lists, and more.

6. Belkin Valet Charge Dock — Simple, but genius. Get him a safe place to keep and charge his smartphone and watch at the same time without using multiple cables and wall sockets.

7. Tablift Tablet Stand — This stand is such a simple idea, but a lifesaver for necks and backs. With this, he can sit comfortably while using his tablet wherever he’s relaxing.


For the dad with the most distinguished of palates. He loves to enjoy and savor the tasty things in life, and likes to treat his family to the finest foods.

1. Enso Elements Ring — Our top-selling line of rings are infused with real precious metals, so they have a signature metal shine combined with the comfort of silicone. It’s perfect for whatever kitchen-related activity he has in mind.

2. Tenderbelly Bacon of the Month Subscription — Who doesn’t love bacon?! Get him one of these subscriptions and he’ll get a new style of delicious, bacony goodness sent to his porch once a month.

3. Runamok Maple Syrup — This is maple syrup with a twist. Runamok ages their syrup in the same barrels that held whiskey –  so while it’s not boozy, it takes on that smokey flavor he loves.

4. Lawless Beef Jerky — This jerky makes for great snacks during his day! It comes in several tasty flavors, so get him a few bags (or even an entire sampler pack).

5. Areaware Star-Spangled Spatula — He loves to fire up the grill, so help him embrace his inner chef (and patriot) with this novelty grilling spatula.

6. Le Mouton Noir Dated Wine Stopper — Never forget about a bottle of wine in the fridge again! This wine stopper has spinning dials to note the date which the bottle was opened, so he can pick it back up again knowing if it’s still good.

7. Whistlepig Whiskey — Every guy who loves his food also loves his alcohol. This Vermont-based brand makes delicious whiskeys of every age, so you can get him something cost-effective or splurge on a 12 year aged bottle.


For the dad who has always been Mr. Fix-It. He can tackle any project around the house, and loves to spend his time tinkering in the garage.

1. Enso Ultralite Ring — Our most popular ring with men, Ultralites are flexible and lightweight. It makes them perfect for doing tasks around the house without the worry that comes with a metal band.

2. Craftsman Adjustable Wrench — He probably has a lot of tools, so help him cut down on the clutter with a one-size-fits-all wrench. Not to mention, the wood inlay looks super cool.

3. Filson Utility Apron — Don’t let him dirty/burn/tear/grease up/whatever else could happen to his clothes. This apron is made of tough fabric that is flame-retardant, and features several large pockets for convenient holding space.

4. Redwing Work Boots — These boots will protect and support his feet and ankles while he works. This pair reduces pressure points in the foot and evenly redistributes his weight on the whole foot.

5. Hitch and Timber Notebook Caddy — This classically cool caddy can operate as a wallet as well, and comes with a notebook and pen for diagramming, sketching, and jotting down any ideas or to-do lists.

6. Kolumb Touchscreen Work Gloves — These gloves will protect his hands from workshop hazards, but also save him the pull off, put on, pull off again, put on again repetition when he wants to use his touchscreen devices.

7. Engraved Hammer — It’s just a regular old hammer – but it’s engraved with a custom message from his loved one. Whether it’s his favorite quote, an inside joke, or anything else with meaning, this is a gift he will treasure for a long time.

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