Year of "Brave"

I began 2016 less than thrilled with my body and overall health. Every new year, instead of resolutions, I have a word of the year. For 2016 my word was “brave.” Being brave for me meant putting myself out there, becoming active, and learning to love my body in the process.

My partner and I met a few years ago and I quickly fell for his passion for life and work ethic. We began dating and I realized that he lead a very active and fit lifestyle, while I did not. To his excitement, I told him I was ready to join the gym and we got started together. When I began this journey I had no idea, not only how rewarding it was going to be, but how much closer it would bring the two of us.

We began working out and rock climbing together and I was loving it! I was working hard, and the best part is I was doing it with my favorite person by my side. He makes working out fun and something I genuinely look forward going to do.

What are Fitness Rings?

We have Claddagh rings that symbolize our commitment, but they were always a pain to take off and remember to put back on when we lifted weights or climbed. His birthday came along and he asked for a weight-lifting ring. I had never heard of or seen one before. I started researching different fitness rings and discovered Enso Rings.

As I read more about them, I fell in love. I loved their variety of styles and colors, and I loved the meaning behind the company name. In Buddhism an Enso is used to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. It is absolute enlightenment, strength, and elegance. It reminded me of my newfound fitness goals that my partner helped me discover.

How cool is it to have a ring that shows our commitment to not only our health, but to each other? So naturally, I had to get one for myself, too. While I liked the idea behind the Infinity Rings and the slim design of the Stackables, we decided to get the Ultralite Rings, which are super thin and lightweight and perfect for our active lifestyle.

Rings that Tell Our Story

The rings turned out to make our lives easier than we thought. I ended up wearing it more day-to-day than my other ring. I get compliments and questions about it constantly. It’s great to have something nice like our Claddagh rings when we go out, but also something sturdy and versatile for our daily routines that I don’t have to worry about losing or damaging.

I am so proud of how far we’ve come as a couple, and how hard I have worked for the body I have today. I am extremely grateful to have such a supportive and strong man by my side through it all.

It has been a challenging process we have endured together, and I am so honored to have a ring that is able to tell our story.

Maddie McMurry is a 21-year-old student pursuing a career in nursing. She and her partner love to rock climb, lift weights, and play tennis. She is a professional photographer and has been taking photographs for seven years! Follow her on Instagram at @maddiemcmurry22 or check out her website:

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