The first thing I felt when my husband proposed to me was, of course, elation. We had casually agreed over breakfast that we should get married a few weeks before. Even then, I felt giddy with excitement despite the fact that it wasn’t your typical “proposal.” But still, it didn’t feel quite official because I didn’t have The Ring.

I felt like I couldn’t tell my coworkers or even some close friends until I had some kind of shiny metal band adorning my finger or else risk their judgement. “Are they really serious about this marriage?” “Does he really love her if he didn’t buy her a ring and plan a fancy proposal?” These are the questions I imagined running through the minds of others, whether real or imagined. I would never consider us a traditional couple and yet I can’t deny that I wanted The Ring. I didn’t want a giant diamond or anything that set us back financially, but I wanted to feel like the kind of prize that deserved something shiny and beautiful even if I wasn’t a real jewelry kind of girl.

I finally got the perfect ring along with the perfect proposal a few weeks later. The ring is a beautiful sapphire uniquely set in a gold band and accented with a tiny diamond. It was my husband’s late grandmother’s ring and he made me climb up the tree in our backyard after him to get it. Slightly out of breath and more than a little afraid of heights, I arrived at the branch next to him and we looked down over our house and neighborhood and out over Mt. Olympus and the Wasatch Range. He got down on one knee (as best as one can in a tree) and asked me to be his wife. I eagerly agreed, and we pledged to spend our lives together. In that tree, we also vowed to help each other tackle fears, push each other’s boundaries, live adventurous lives, and try to always see the world from a unique perspective.

After a few years of being married, I’m totally secure in our commitment to one another. Most of the time, I leave my “real” ring at home in favor of my safe, comfortable, and super cute Enso Silicone wedding ring. I still love my beautiful sapphire ring and I wear it for nights out on the town and other occasions when I get to dress up. But, I wear my Enso rings for everything else. I wear it to the office. I wear it to hot yoga. I wear it backpacking. You name it.

Why Wear an Enso Ring?

Here are just a few of the reasons to wear an Enso silicone band:

1. They’re comfortable

Let’s face it. I’m a comfort girl all the way. If I could wear yoga pants and a T-shirt 24/7, I’d do it. I’ve gotten used to wearing a wedding ring, and yet my gold band still squeezes my finger uncomfortably when it’s hot out, I’ve eaten too much salt, or I’m trying to do anything remotely active–including typing fast on my computer. It gets too loose in the winter and I worry about it falling off. My Enso ring always stays securely and comfortably on my finger no matter what I’m doing. While I’ve found all of their rings to be comfortable, Enso’s Ultralite rings are half the thickness of other silicone rings on the market and the perfect option for the person that hates jewelry.

2. They’re safe

In addition to being an active couple, my husband also does a range of physical labor for work. Like me, he has a nice ring that he wears out, but wearing a metal ring for work is just not a safe or viable option for him. Wedding bands pose a serious risk of irreversible “ring avulsion” or tearing of the soft tissue which can cause partial or total loss of a finger. People that work with their hands are at an increased risk for this type of injury. Could he just not wear a ring at work? Of course. But, a wedding ring is a public statement of your commitment to your partner. He loves finally having the option of wearing a ring atwork while still staying safe.

3. They’re versatile

I love being able to go straight from work to the gym without having to worry about putting my ring in the locker and having it get lost or stolen. Now that I wear my Enso ring to work, I can hit up a hot yoga class or head out on a trail run without the worry. I just take my ring wherever I go.

4. They’re cool

Let’s get real. I wouldn’t wear an Enso ring if I didn’t think it looked good. I love that it’s a nontraditional way of saying “I’m committed” that shows my unique personality. I have an Infinity band and a few of the Stackable rings and I love to mix and match them to jazz up my outfits. In fact, I get more compliments about my Enso rings than I ever did when I was wearing a gold band.

5. They’re replaceable

Enso rings are inexpensive, especially compared to the hundreds or thousands of dollars people spend on engagement rings and wedding bands. I love my Enso ring, but I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it didn’t make it back from a weeklong backpacking trip. I’d just get another one. And the fact that they’re inexpensive means I can have one to match every outfit if I want to (I do!)

My husband is not replaceable (nor are his fingers!). My marriage is not replaceable. But, our Enso rings can be replaced. I love not having to worry about losing or scratching our rings or injuring our hands. I just want to worry about our next adventure.


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