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Gather ‘round #Zawadichallenge

There's a difference between going to school and getting an education. For many, many children in Kenya, that difference is breakfast. Often lunch. And sometimes dinner.

Meet Zawadi. She’s a student in rural Kenya. Three months ago, she was learning long division and studying Kenyan history in her sixth grade class. Like many of her fellow students, Zawadi has struggled throughout her life with eating enough to stay healthy and keep up with her education. She’s just one student. But this year, she's agreed to represent vulnerable youth throughout rural Kenya who are working to learn, build, and grow into their lives.

By learning about her, we're learning about them. Her daily challenges. The lives and goals of the people she cares about. We're listening to her, and we're letting her know that we, one small company thousands of miles away, care enough to notice and to act.

This Holiday season, Enso and Flying Kites are kicking off the #ZawadiChallenge as a way to spread the word: there are students in rural Kenya who are hungry. We're donating 25,000 meals to the Flying Kites organization so that Zawadi and her classmates have the nourishment they need to excel at school, and we're encouraging everyone we know...

Everyone we can reach...

Everyone who will listen...

To invite Zawadi to their Thanksgiving table this November. Pull up an empty chair up to your dining room table. Take a picture. Tag five of your friends and share that picture on social media. 

When you post your picture and use hashtag #ZawadiChallenge you’ll be entered into a drawing to travel to Kenya and serve with the Flying Kites organization at Zawadi's school. If you’re selected, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in an expense free climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro. You can gather ‘round #ZawadiChallenge and get the details at