My love of cooking began at a fairly young age, spending time cooking in the kitchen with my dad. I decided in those early years that cooking is something I could see myself making a career out of. And so I began pursuing that dream by immersing myself in any cooking related activity I could, from high school food classes, to throwing elaborate, multi course dinner parties for my friends.


From there I attended culinary school and began seeking work environments that would push me mentally, physically, and creatively. From culinary school I spent nearly 2 years at the Sundance Tree Room, then 4 years between Pizzeria 712 and Communal. I am currently the culinary director for Cafe Zupas where I have been for 7 1/2 years.

My ultimate goal as a chef is to make people happy and enrich their lives. As long as that is happening, I feel I am accomplishing my dream.

The brilliance of Enso rings is unrivaled when it comes to everyday wear in the kitchen. When constantly going from handling food to washing your hands, Enso rings are the perfect, sanitary accessory. 


- Chef Ethan Masato Kawasaki

Check him out: @masekawasaki

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