A Peek at the Beginning

I started making paper flowers for my wedding in 2013 but there are nothing like what I make today. I discovered high quality crepe paper, along with a few incredible paper florist like Tiffany Turner and Jennifer Tran, in mid 2014 and it changed the game. I started making flowers every day after work and finally had the courage to open an Instagram account January 2015. That got so much traction so quickly that I decided to quit my job in March of 2015 and open the website in April 2015. A few months later after making as many flowers as I could and opening the Instagram I realized that how much happier I had become, but more importantly, how happy my work was making other people. Not many people have seen paper flowers like the one's we create and I soon realized how incredible it was to create wonderment and happiness in someone with something as simple as paper, glue, and your talent. Its empowering and it's what has pushed me to keep work the crazy hours and keep trying new things.

Blessed with the Best

 The Lovely Ave has been recognized by multiple magazines, blogs, and influential people, including being named on America's Top 100 Most Creative People by Country Living Magazine. Our flowers have been featured on HGTV magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and have even been inside Buckingham Palace. My biggest accomplishment, however, is to get to work in my own private studio in downtown Salt Lake City and create something beautiful everyday. 

Inspiring Others

I believe I inspire others to find that thing that makes your crazy happy and then work really hard to get to create or do that thing for the rest of your life. I also feel like any type of art is inspiring and when you get to show someone something they have never seen before, its a powerful feeling. Who knows, maybe if you show someone something they have never seen before, it may give them the confidence to share their talent and I believe that is how we can make the world a better place. 


I really love how lightweight but durable the Enso Ring is. Its fun to change up your every day look and the Enso Ring makes it easy! I was also doing a lot of travel this year and it was so nice to know that I could wear my Enso Ring instead of my wedding band and still feel really beautiful. 

Being a Force For Good

Last year we launched our first Still Life Collection and decided to name each piece after influential women in our community. I loved being able to use our platform to shine a light on these incredible women who work hard to help refugees, victims of abuse and human trafficking, and teachers who help fight against bullies and the rising suicide rates in our schools. This year we will be launching a new collection and a new set of women and companies will be highlighted. It's small, but I believe it's important to acknowledge the incredible work of these hard working people. 

About The Lovely Avenue

Every flower is handmade in our Salt Lake City studio. When you purchase a flower from our shop, you will know that your flower is uniquely yours because not every flower we create is the same. We love what we do and that love translates into our [email protected]www.thelovelyave.com 

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