How a Silicone Ring’s Stretch Makes it Safe

If you work in the medical field (especially in an orthopedic surgery office) then you have heard about ring avulsion injuries. You may have also heard about these injuries if you watch late-night television when talk show host Jimmy Fallon shared his injury with the audience. While ring avulsion isn’t anything new, it has come into sharper focus for many people whose professions and personal hobbies put them at risk for these serious and gruesome injuries. It has also come into sharper focus as there are now great alternatives to metal rings that are safer and help prevent the injury.


What is Ring Avulsion?

Ring avulsion injuries occur when something that is around your finger—usually a metal ring—gets caught on something. The metal ring will not break, but if there is enough force when it’s caught then the ring will be stripped off your finger. Usually that happens if you’re falling or it catches on something that is falling and the weight of your body or that object pulls the ring.

The result is a terrible injury that can range from severe bruising to stripping away the muscles, tendons, and tissues on your finger. In a worst-case scenario, the ring will cause a traumatic amputation and your finger will be entirely severed.


How Can a Silicone Ring Prevent this Injury?

Besides just taking your ring off and not wearing it at all, replacing your metal ring with a silicone ring is the best way to prevent ring avulsion injuries.

Silicone rings are made of a stretchy, flexible silicone rubber material. While this is great for comfort because your ring can stretch, grow, and shrink based on your finger size and what you’re doing at the time, it also makes the ring safer when participating in activities that could lead to ring avulsion. If it gets caught on something small or there is limited force, the ring can stretch and there is no harm done.

If the ring is pulled in a more severe accident, silicone rubber also comes in handy because it can break. While rings made of silicone are designed to be very durable, and can flex and stretch pretty far, the material will tear away from your finger if there’s enough force applied. What that means is your finger will be spared because your ring will be the thing that breaks.


Stay Safe with Silicone Rings

Many people who lead active lifestyles have chosen to simply replace their metal wedding ring with a silicone ring from Enso Rings all the time. Whether you choose to do that, or just get it for when you’re out and about doing things that could put your finger at risk, a silicone ring is a perfect choice to spare your fingers.

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