How Are Silicone Rings Made?

Silicone rings have increasingly become one of the most popular options for people who cannot wear metal—due to an allergy to metal or in a profession where you work with heavy equipment and machinery. These rings are made using medical-grade rubber so they are flexible and durable, and cost only a fraction of what a metal ring costs. Here’s a quick overview of the process to make silicone rings.


Ingredients & Tools

When silicone ring manufacturers make their rings, they first begin with the highest quality medical-grade silicone rubber. One of the benefits of wearing silicone rings is that you can get them in any color that you want, so the second ingredient you need is dye. To shape the ring into a wearable form, they also use a variety of ring molds.


Ring Making Process

The process begins by mixing the high quality silicone. At this point in the process these manufacturers can also add dye, either a gel-based version or a powder version, which mixes uniformly and works better for silicone rings than liquid dye.

When the silicone mixture is the correct color, the next step is to pour it into the mold. This process would be challenging for a DIY silicone ring maker, because you have to make sure that the silicone gets all the way through the entire mold, and that you remove any air bubbles. Leaving air bubbles in the ring could weaken the material and make it more likely to break in the future. Without proper tools to suction out the air, it’s hard to know that you’ve removed them all. The final step is to clean the mold around the edges so your finished ring has nice clean lines.


The Finished Product

Once the rings are in the molds, all it takes is time to wait for the silicone to cure, which can take several hours. Then the rings are removed from the mold and they’re ready to wear. Most silicone ring manufacturers today create a variety of ring designs by using specialized molds and custom colors.

Making silicone rings isn’t too difficult, but you don’t have to do it on your own because you can find a wide variety of styles and colors at affordable prices when you shop Enso Rings website.

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