If you’re hesitant to order a silicone ring from Enso Rings because you’re not sure how it will fit, we can put your mind at ease. Our silicone rings are easy to fit and are well-known for being extremely comfortable. 

Ring Sizes: What Do They Mean?

Ring sizes in the U.S. start at 3 and go up to 15. Some jewelers offer half and quarter sizes, but at Enso Rings, we offer only whole sizes. Because silicone rings are not metal, they’re flexible, so half and quarter sizes aren’t needed.

Sizing for rings is not like sizing for clothing — ring sizes are the same throughout the United States. Your size corresponds to either the diameter or the circumference of the ring, which are uniform measurements. For instance, the smallest size — 3 — is 14mm in diameter. The most common size for women in the U.S. is 6, and the most common size for men is 8. 

How to Determine Ring Size

If you don’t know the ring size of the person you want to buy a silicone ring for, there are several ways to go about finding out. 

The easiest way is to ask the person if they know what their ring size is. If they don’t, Enso Rings offers a downloadable sizing guide you can use to determine the ring size you want to order. 

Our first suggestion is to cut a piece of string or ribbon, wrap it around the finger comfortably and mark where it overlaps. Then remove it and measure the string or ribbon against our size guide (remember to be sure you are printing at 100% for the most accurate measurement).

You may also cut out our paper sizer and wrap that around their finger to determine their size.

While both these methods are useful, it can be hard to tell with string or paper if you are squeezing the finger too tightly or if you are reading the measurement correctly. After all, millimeters are extremely thin. If you want to use a more stable ring sizer, you can order a metal or plastic one online for about $6. 

Since you won’t use a ring sizer too often, another option is to just go to a store where they sell jewelry — it doesn’t have to be a fancy jewelry store, it can be the jewelry counter at a big box retailer — and ask to use their ring sizer.

Surprise! It’s a Silicone Ring

But what if your Enso Ring purchase is a surprise and you don’t want the recipient to know?

In this case, you may be able to use a ring they already have to find out their size. Try to match one of their rings to our printable template to find the right size. However, remember that different fingers are different sizes. So if you want to purchase a silicone ring for your partner or friend and you want them to wear it on their ring finger, don’t use a ring they wear on their middle finger as a size guide.

If you are giving a silicone ring to a woman, you might also try asking her sister, mom or friends what her ring size is — they may know. If you are giving a silicone ring to a man, this may not work as well.

Ring Size Can Change

If you knew your partner’s ring size 10 years ago when you married them, you cannot necessarily assume it is the same today. If your partner has gained or lost a significant amount of weight, this can affect the size of their ring finger. If your partner is pregnant, nursing or has given birth to children, her ring size could be different. 

Rings can fit differently in different climates and different seasons. Spring and summer in humid areas can cause rings to feel tight. Think about how you moisturize your skin to look younger — hydration plumps skin and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, but it also makes rings tighter. The same affect is achieved when showering, soaking in a hot tub, sitting in a steam room or even exercising.

Flying on an airplane or engaging in other high-altitude activities can also cause fingers to swell, as can eating a meal high in salt.

People who live with certain medical conditions such as arthritis, kidney disease and congestive heart failure may also notice their fingers swelling and their rings feeling tighter or becoming more difficult to get on and off.

How Silicone Rings Fit

Silicone rings are known to be more comfortable than metal rings. They don’t bind like a metal ring because they are flexible. Silicone rings move with you, and that’s why they’re a favorite of those who work in professions in which wearing a metal ring is forbidden for safety reasons, such as firefighting and military operations.

Silicone rings also conform to the shape of your finger. When you first get your silicone ring, it will feel a bit stiff, but after only a few days, it will become more pliable and eventually you will forget you’re even wearing it!

Additionally, we manufacture many of our silicone rings with grooves carved into the inside of the ring for extra breathability. These are especially useful with wider bands, which could otherwise cause fingers to sweat.

Enso Rings Guarantees a Good Fit

We tell our customers, when you get your silicone ring, give it a couple of days to see if the fit is right. Your ring should not continually spin on your finger, but you should be able to see a small space between your ring and your finger when you make a fist.

If, after a few days, your ring still feels uncomfortably small or large, simply exchange it for a different size. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Enso Rings, so there is no risk when you order a silicone ring from us, even if you’re just guessing at the size. 

Whether you’re shopping for silicone wedding bands, engraved rings, stackable rings, silicone bracelets, promise rings or one of our many other rings or bracelets, you can always be assured of the quality of the product with Enso Rings.

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