How Do You Shrink a Silicone Ring?

There are plenty of YouTube videos and websites out there claiming to show you how to shrink a silicone ring, but before you go trying to boil your way to a smaller ring size, you should know that silicone rings are not made from material that is designed to “shrink”. It is possible to boil your ring in water and eventually make it more pliable or responsive to manipulation, but the reality is that no amount of hot water makes it possible to actually “shrink” your silicone ring, at least not permanently.

And that is a good thing.

Silicone rings are, by design, a very durable material that doesn’t change even under extreme conditions. That means that with a silicone ring you can expose it to very cold temperatures, very hot temperatures, and anything in between, and it will still fit the way it did the day you first got it, for the most part.

Some people have noticed that silicone rings can stretch slightly with regular wear, but once a ring has stretched initially, it’s unlikely to continue to stretch. For that reason, we always recommend that someone between two sizes should go with the smaller size. That ensures that if it does stretch a little bit, you will still be able to comfortably wear the ring without worrying that it will slip off.


The Easier Option

If you did purchase a silicone ring that is not the correct size, and you have since discovered that it slips off or doesn’t fit well, or your finger has changed significantly since the time you purchased your ring (for example, you lost a lot of weight and the ring now falls off) you can send it back to Enso Rings and exchange it using our lifetime satisfaction guarantee, and we can help you get the correct size.


The Correct Fit

On our website you can find a handy printable ring sizing chart, or instructions on how to find your size with some simple household tools if you don’t have a printer available. Once you find your finger measurement, use our ring size guide before you buy. When you first get the ring it may feel a little bit snug, but that’s a good thing—it should feel like the ring is hugging your finger without cutting off the circulation. If for any reason it doesn’t fit that way, let us know and we’ll get you a new one.

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