How Do You Size a Silicone Ring?

Silicone rings are a relatively newer option on the market. Most people order them online without ever being able to try them on, so you may not know how to properly size your ring to get the best fit. Here’s a handy guide to help you get the perfect fit.


Measure Your Finger

Whether it’s your wedding ring finger or another one, the first step to getting the right size silicone ring is to measure the size of your finger. If you have recently been to a jewelry store where they have ring sizers you can try on to get the exact size, you can use that to decide on a silicone ring size. There are also printable size charts available on Enso Rings’ website to get you an exact measurement.

However, in the absence of a ring size or an available printer, there are other ways to get your size. Find a flexible measuring tape (not the kind you use for construction projects, preferably the type you would use for sewing) or a piece of string and wrap it around your finger at the spot you plan to wear the ring. Don’t squeeze it too tight, but make sure the fit is snug. Mark the measurement in millimeters, or mark the string and use a ruler or tape measure to get the exact measurement. Once you know how many millimeters your finger measures, compare it to the Enso Rings size chart online to find out which size will fit you best.


Choose the Fit You Want

The next step is to understand what the fit should be like. Silicone rings should not be tight enough to squeeze your finger, and also not loose enough that it can easily slide over your knuckle. If you’re between sizes, it’s usually better to size down, which allows the ring to fit tightly enough that it won’t slip off.


Check Your Sizing After the Ring Arrives

Once your ring arrives, double check that the fit is right. Silicone rings do stretch, so it’s important not to be discouraged if it seems a little tight at first. You should be able to slide the ring over your knuckle without a significant amount of friction, and it should be a little more difficult to get the ring back over your knuckle.

Get your ring size and find the perfect style today at Enso Rings website. And don’t panic about the sizing, if you get your ring and find out it’s not the right size, just contact our friendly customer service team to get it exchanged for the right size. It is all covered under the Enso Rings lifetime warranty. 

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