Purchasing a silicone ring is a great choice instead of a metal wedding ring. You can get a ring that is extremely comfortable and able to go anywhere you want to take it. But one question that comes up often for people who do purchase one is, “how do you take care of a silicone ring?” Great question, and the good news is that the care for silicone rings is pretty simple.

Daily Silicone Ring Care

No matter what material your ring is made of, it’s important to keep it clean. You can use soap and water most of the time to clean your silicone ring, and it’s a good idea to clean it at least once a day to remove any dirt or other things that it has been exposed to. Take the ring off and rinse it in warm water, then use a gentle hand or dish soap to clean the exterior and interior. You can also do this in the shower in the morning or at night if it’s easier to remember.

Removing Difficult Dirt Spots

Sometimes you may find that your ring gets a more difficult spot that won’t come out with just warm water and soap. In those cases you can mix vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (a 2:1 ratio) or use a mild cleanser. Avoid using harsh chemical cleansers, and don’t use bleach on your silicone ring. You can also use a scrubber or an extra toothbrush you already have to get dirt out that’s deep inside the grooves of your ring.

Sanitizing Your Silicone Ring

On the occasions when your ring gets something on it that is unsanitary, such as exposure to bacteria or bodily fluids, you can also easily sanitize the silicone ring. Place it in a pot of boiling water for about 20 minutes, then carefully remove it with tongs and set it aside to dry. It won’t get damaged or change shape, and silicone rubber never shrinks or expands, even in boiling water. You can also toss it in the dishwasher for a thorough cleansing, just make sure to put it inside something so it won’t get lost or fall into the bottom of the dishwasher (like a cage for baby bottles, or inside a silverware compartment you can close).

Other Hygiene Tips

Silicone is a non-breathable rubber material, which means that the area where it is against your skin all day isn’t necessarily getting fresh air. You can choose a silicone ring with grooves to help with airflow so the ring won’t get sweaty and sticky against your finger. Besides that, it’s still a good idea to take off your ring and let your skin “breathe” for a few hours each day. The best time to do this is while you sleep (even though you could totally sleep with your ring because it’s that comfortable).

Shop today to get your silicone rings and enjoy the freedom of having a beautiful ring that’s easy to clean.

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