How Durable are Silicone Rings?

Silicone wedding rings have become a very popular choice for many people in recent years. One of the reasons people like them so much is that they provide a very durable, yet stylish alternative to traditional metal rings. While they may not be quite as durable as metal, that actually provides a benefit to those wearing silicone rings.


The Silicone Rubber Material

Every silicone ring is a synthetic material made of silicon (a naturally occurring chemical element, and the second most abundant material on Earth), oxygen, and other elements such as hydrogen and carbon. When combined, these materials create a very flexible rubber that can be used for a wide variety of things because it is extremely durable and non-toxic.


Heat and Cold Resistance

Another reason silicone rings are popular is the fact that they can withstand extreme temperatures without getting damaged or disfigured. In fact, silicone is a material often used in industrial applications because of its ability to withstand high heat and extreme cold. Most silicone rings will hold up under conditions as cold as -75 degrees fahrenheit and as hot as 500 degrees fahrenheit or more. Since the majority of us will never be exposed to these extremes, it’s pretty safe to say your silicone ring will hold up to whatever temperature fluctuations you experience in your daily life. It should be noted that, while silicone can withstand these temperatures, if it is exposed to extreme hot or cold over a long period of time, it could deform or get damaged.


Silicone is Breakable

Under most conditions, silicone rings are very durable and will not break. However, one of the reasons that these rings have become so popular is that if necessary, they can break, which could save your finger(s). Under extreme force, a traditional metal ring like gold or platinum will usually remain intact, which means that it’s the finger inside the ring that will suffer the majority of damage if the ring gets caught or pulled. Silicone rings, by contrast, can break away under heavy force, saving your finger from significant damage and even amputation. Since these rings are so affordable, if yours does get damaged in an accident, it’s easy to replace.


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