Whether you’ve already popped the question or are “just thinking about it,” finding the perfect wedding rings likely isn’t too far from your mind. Fortunately, there is been a sea change in the way many people think about wedding and engagement rings that give you a lot more flexibility than your parents or grandparents might have had.

Practically speaking, this means that you have the option of choosing a ring that truly expresses your identity, not only as an individual, but as part of a couple. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Wedding Ring Costs

The cost of a wedding ring depends on several factors, including the metal used to make the ring, The size and thickness of a band, and whether you are buying an engagement and wedding ring as a set.

As a rule, men’s wedding bands cost significantly less than those for women. A simple thin gold band might run a few hundred dollars, whereas a larger, thicker band of higher-quality may run between five and $800.

The cost for a woman’s engagement ring and wedding band set averaged around thousand dollars back in 2015. Again though, there are a number of factors that affect price. For example, gold is always more expensive than silver, and gold prices can and do fluctuate. In addition, many women choose to not wear an engagement ring, a decision that can greatly reduce costs.

Searching for The Perfect Ring

While it is possible to find a great ring or rings set at department, big-box, and traditional jewelry stores, there are alternatives that may can help you find the perfect ring while saving you money. Another consideration that many people have these days is a desire to wear a ring made from sustainable and conflict free materials. The options below can help you opt for more socially conscious wedding bands.

Here’s where to look:

  1. Your Mother’s Jewelry Box

    You obviously don’t want to do this without your mother’s permission, but it may well be that your mother or another relative has rings or jewelry with stones that they are no longer using. In some cases, vintage rings only need a quick polish and resizing to be presentable. In other cases, you can have the stones taken out of the setting and inserted into a new engagement ring or wedding band.

  2. Vintage Stores

    If you are fond of retro looks, check out online and brick-and-mortar vintage stores, flea markets, and antique malls. Chances are you’ll be able to find the styles you love which are simply no longer available at traditional jewelry stores. Of course, you may also simply find some great jewelry with stones that you can have removed and reset. Either way, this is a more sustainable approach to buying your wedding rings.

  3. Custom Jewelers

    If you are a fussy sort, you may want to go the custom jeweler route. The process of designing and commissioning custom rings can be time-consuming, but you can be assured of getting the exact ring that you want.

  4. The Enso Alternative

    We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out that many couples are now opting out of traditional metal rings entirely and wearing Enso Rings instead. Our silicone bands are affordable, designed to be worn by people with sensitive skin, and are far safer than traditional metal rings. In addition, our new Elements Collection features rings that are actually infused with precious metals, giving you the look of wearing a traditional wedding band.

Shop our Elements Collection.

Final Word

Take your time in making a decision, weighing the pros and cons of each option while also keeping your eye out for the ring that you look forward to wearing for the rest of your life. Just remember, however, that even that perfect ring is just a piece of jewelry. You’ll make the most important choice of all when you stand together and say “I do.”

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