How Safe Are Silicone Rings?

Silicone wedding rings have surged in popularity in recent years, and chances are you have seen people wearing them around the gym, while participating in outdoor hobbies, and perhaps even at work. A common reason people trade in their metal rings for silicone is safety, so you may be wondering, “How safe are silicone rings?” The answer: very safe.


People who work around electricity in some capacity, or who participate in hobbies like home restorations, could be at risk for electric shock when you wear a metal wedding ring. Even wearing a metal ring on a chain around your neck isn’t safe because the ring can still conduct electricity and cause dangerous or even life-threatening electric shocks. Silicone rings are made of a non-conductive rubber material, so you can safely wear them in any environment without the risk of electric shocks.

Injury Prevention

Many workplaces and hobbies also come with risks for metal ring wearers. These environments can cause injuries to your fingers if your ring gets caught on something and pulled forcefully away from your body. The ring that is made of a very hard metal won’t break, so usually it’s your finger that will suffer the most damage. It can happen to anyone who uses their hands at work, including construction workers, heavy machine operators, military, mechanics, law enforcement, firefighters, warehouse employees, and even nurses and doctors. It can also happen during your leisure time at the gym or outdoors doing activities like hunting, fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, whitewater rafting, and more.

Scratch-Proof and Damage-Proof

The rubber material used to make silicone rings is especially durable, which means that it won’t get scratched, dinged, or damaged in your everyday life, even if that everyday life is pretty rough on your hands. It can withstand temperatures down to extreme cold (-75° F) or up to extreme heat (500° F) without losing its shape or soft, stretchy properties. It can also stretch and flex a bit without breaking, making it ideal for basically everything you plan to do.

Easy to Clean

One final thing that makes silicone rings safe is how easily you can clean and sanitize them. For everyday dirt you can wash it with mild soap and water, or for more intense cleaning you can sanitize it by boiling the ring or putting it in your dishwasher. You can also clean it regularly with a sanitizing wipe to prevent germs and bacteria. 

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