How Should Silicone Rings Fit?

A silicone ring is a great alternative to a metal ring for many people, and whether you plan to wear yours every day or just for special occasions like your workout, it’s important to have a ring that fits correctly. Unlike metal rings, silicone can stretch which means that you may not be able to transfer the size and fit of a metal ring right over to a silicone ring. Here are some ways you can tell if your ring is too big or too small.


Too Loose

Just like any ring you own, you definitely don’t want it to fit so loosely that it could slip off at any time. This is especially true for silicone rings, which can stretch and change over time much more so than a metal ring would. If your silicone ring starts at a size that’s too large and stretches even slightly over time you could quickly end up with a ring that doesn’t fit at all. When you first put the ring on, it should slide over your knuckle without too much work and feel snug against your finger at the base where you plan to wear it. There should also be some resistance to get it back over your knuckle, it should not slide easily back off again.


Too Tight

While a snug fit is important, a tight fit isn’t what you want. When you first put on your silicone ring it should not be difficult to get it on your finger at first, and it should definitely not be difficult or even impossible to get off. Both of these would be signs that your ring size is too small. Once the ring is on, check the way it looks and feels. If it feels like your finger is being squeezed or you can see noticeably that the ring is squeezing your finger, it’s probably too small and you should size it up.


Getting a Measurement

To find the ideal fit, the first step is to measure your finger and check size charts online. You can do that with printable ring sizing charts from the Enso Rings website, by using your metal ring size if you know it for comparison, or by measuring with a flexible measuring tape or a string to find out, in millimeters, your measurement.

You should also check the website of the company you’re planning to order from to make sure they offer a satisfaction guarantee and have a way to get you the right size if you find out the one you chose isn’t the best fit.

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