How Tight Should Silicone Rings Be?

Perhaps one of the most common questions for someone buying a new silicone ring is what size you should get, and how they should fit. Sure, silicone rings are stretchy, but does that mean it should fit tight? Or should it be a little looser? This concern may also be heightened by the fact that most people will order a silicone wedding ring online, which means you can’t try it on before you buy it. Here is a sizing guide to help you determine what size you need. 

Determining the Fit

Because silicone rings are made of a silicone rubber material, they are stretchy. That’s very different from metal rings, which are one size and will never change (which can make them pretty uncomfortable if your hands grow or swell). The best fit for a silicone ring is one that is slightly snug so it “hugs” your finger and won’t be likely to fall off. 

Choosing Your Size

Since you may be shopping for your ring online, it’s important to know what size to purchase. While Enso Rings offers a complete satisfaction guarantee and will replace your ring with a new size if you do choose the wrong size, you probably don’t want to wait any longer than is absolutely necessary to get the comfort of a silicone ring in your life. 

The first step is to figure out the measurement of the finger that you plan to wear the ring on (many people use them for wedding rings, so measure the ring finger, but you can wear silicone rings on any finger you choose). You can use a flexible measuring tape to get a specific measurement in millimeters or inches, or you can use a variety of other household materials to figure it out, such as paper or string.  

Once you know the size of your finger you can identify the corresponding ring size on the size chart. You may notice that there are no half sizes, so sometimes your finger will measure between two full sizes. We recommend that you select the size that is smaller. This gives you a little tighter fit, and also ensures that your ring won’t fall off during the day when you’re wearing it. Silicone rings also stretch once you start wearing them, so having it be on the tighter side initially helps it stretch to the perfect fit over time. However, you don’t want your ring to be so tight that it feels uncomfortable. 

Selecting Your Ring

Now that you know the size, the next step is to select the perfect ring for you or a loved one. The great news is that when you shop with Enso Rings, you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you get the ring and find out that you chose the wrong size, just contact our friendly customer service team to get a new one. Happy shopping!

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