Avulsion is a pretty word for a nasty injury. When your ring becomes caught on a piece of machinery, or anything else for that matter, while you’re in the act of rapidly moving, the result is often avulsion. Your skin, and sometimes even nerve, tendon, or bone, can be rapidly torn from your finger as a result. Ouch. Worse yet? Since soft tissue damage can be so difficult to repair, oftentimes the result of avulsion is permanent damage. In some cases, avulsion can even lead to the necessity of finger amputation.

You might think that your line of work or lifestyle protects you from ring avulsion. Certainly, this is a rare injury and not one you’re likely to hear about at the water cooler around the office. But the reality is that this type of injury is not one that discriminates between professional athletes, machinery tradesmen, or office workers. Since it can occur anytime the ring is caught on something, and we all use our hands every day, there is no profession or lifestyle that is free from the risk of ring injury.

Comedian and Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon learned about ring avulsion the hard way in 2015 when it nearly cost him a finger. Fallon did something we all do- he tripped and fell down. His ring got caught a rug, and he almost lost a finger as a result. You could search the internet for images of ring avulsion, but we don’t recommend it. At least not on a full stomach. Trust us when we say it’s painful and it’s ugly, but luckily, it’s also highly preventable.

The next best way to make sure you never lose a finger to avulsion is to wear rings designed to break when placed under distress. These rings, often made of rubber or silicone, are hypo-allergenic, not conductive, heat resistant, and built to bend. The result is that, when placed under distress, the ring breaks – not your finger.

As a result of this, silicone rings are not only safer than their metal counterparts but also far more affordable. This means you can replace a broken ring , or even have more than one on hand at a time. Ready to get safe, stylish, and save some bucks? Check out our safe silicone rings. May we suggest the Ultralite Collection?

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