How to Decide What to Engrave on Your Ring

Engraving your silicone ring is one of the easiest ways to add a touch of personalization and take a basic gift to the next level. Once you have decided that you want to add engraving, though, the next big question is: what am I going to engrave on here? Since engraving is more or less permanent (you can’t really erase it, so to get a different message on there would require buying a whole new ring), it’s important to take your time in figuring out just the right thing to add. Here are some tips to help you decide what you should engrave.

Make it something meaningful

You don’t have to write your own special song or poetry, but engraving is a great way to personalize a ring for someone, so it makes sense that you should add something that speaks directly to the personality of your silicone ring recipient. It’s also not bad to copy something that someone else has already written—such as the lyrics to a song—but make sure it’s one that accurately expresses your feelings or has a special meaning in your relationship.

Keep it simple

There are only so many characters that you can fit on the interior or exterior of your silicone ring. So even if you bonded over Shakespeare’s The Tempest, you won’t be able to fit the entire play on the inside of a ring. On Enso Rings, you will have about 35 total characters, so it’s important to boil down your feelings into something that you can easily fit within that limit. You may be able to use abbreviations, such as six-digit dates, to signify something meaningful without writing it all out. In the words of famed writer William Strunk, “Vigorous writing is concise.”

Use symbols to your advantage

Spelling out a word can take a lot of your valuable space, so use emojis and characters to your advantage in creating a silicone ring engraving. For example, replace the word love with a heart emoji and save three characters to use later.

Match Your Personality

There is actually no right or wrong thing to put on a ring for engraving. While you can find a lot of lists out there with some of the most popular phrases, you should be the one to decide what the “perfect” engraving is based on your own personality and relationship. Be silly, sweet, romantic, or whatever seems best based on the feelings you want to express.

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