How to Find the Best Silicone Ring

Shopping for a silicone ring doesn’t need to be difficult, but they are a little different from your traditional metal jewelry, so it’s important to understand what you’re looking for when you are shopping to ensure you get the ring that perfectly suits your style and your needs. Enso Rings offers a wide variety of silicone rings for anyone looking to purchase a ring that can go anywhere.

Understanding Silicone Ring Benefits

There are several reasons that people choose silicone rings, and the primary benefits you get when you decide to replace your metal wedding band or jewelry with silicone include:

  • Extreme durability: silicone rings are made of a very durable silicone rubber, which is able to withstand some of the most extreme temperatures and conditions. These rings are stretchy so they can bend and flex as needed, but even up to over 500 degrees and down to -75 degrees they won’t get ruined.

  • Tons of colors and styles: silicone rubber is easy to customize, which means you can get silicone rings in a wide variety of colors, including exclusive collections like Enso Rings limited-time Doodle collection from renowned artist Lei Melendres.

  • Safer than metal: another common reason people choose silicone over metal is for safety reasons. Metal rings often can’t be worn in workplaces where someone is using their hands—mechanics, heavy machinery operators, electricians, military, law enforcement, firefighters, and healthcare—because it could cause significant damage to your finger if it catches on something or could conduct electricity and cause deadly shocks.

  • Affordable: unlike metal rings, which require several months’ salary, silicone rings are super affordable and come in at an average price tag under $50.

Choosing Your Ring

Now that you know all the benefits, the next step is to figure out what kind of ring is best suited to your own personal style, or the style of a special someone you want to get a ring for as a gift. At Enso Rings, we’ve got a wide variety to match your personal style:

  • Elements: timeless luxury meets practical silicone with precious metals infused inside to give your ring a subtle shimmer

  • Bevel: a classic take with a twist, giving you the same sophisticated look of metal in a silicone style.

  • Birthstone: give a meaningful gift to anyone by choosing the ring that matches their birthstone.

  • Stackables: bold designs in easy-to-combine colors and styles with fun details that will make your rings and bracelets stand out.

  • Legends: inspired by mythical creatures like mermaids and unicorns, these are sure to bring a little mystery and beauty to your ring collection.

  • Inked: one-of-a-kind designs for the person who needs more than a solid color, and available in limited-edition drops for an even more unique style.

  • Ultralite: the ring so light you will forget you’re even wearing one at all. Choose from a range of colors with special design details, slip it on, and you may never want to take it off.

  • Infinity: the original Enso Ring with an infinity loop around the outside to remind you to work, play, and live life without an end.

Shop all of our collections today to find your perfect silicone ring.

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