Find Your Passion

My passion in creating art started back in 2015 when I was working full-time at an insurance company. During this time, I needed a creative escape, something different, refreshing and a way to destress from work. This is when I came across positive affirmations and in that moment, my goal was to learn hand lettering and colorful illustrations to decorate my cubicle. Never in a million years did I see myself doing a complete career change and creating art full-time.

Follow Your Dreams

I love that my hobby and something that created so much joy in my life became my full-time job. A few accomplishments that I'm proud of is publishing my recent book, Digital Hand Lettering and Modern Calligraphy, the chance to host lettering workshops around the world (a few fav places: Japan and Australia), and the opportunity to work with some amazing companies such as ENSO Rings!

Inspire Others

I truly believe everyone has a story. I love inspiring others to constantly celebrate and reflect on their own journey and the reason they wanted to create. 

Wearing an Enso

For me, my Enso Rings were created as reminders of my own creative journey. These rings are a constant reminder of my accomplishments and to celebrate the little things in life.


As an artist, I love giving back by being an open book. I have no secrets and love sharing everything I know and the things I wish I knew when starting my business. I encourage others to constantly ask me questions. I also love doing community events such as lettering meet-ups to continue to uplift, motivate and inspire one another coupled with meeting great people and making new friendships.

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