Introducing the Lei Melendres Doodle Collection

There are few things in life as universal as doodling. Whether it’s a way that you like to fill time, or you do it for artistic purposes, doodles are more than just scribbles on a page.

In fact, scientific research in neuroscience and psychology have revealed that doodlers are not tuning out the world around them, and are actually paying more attention than you might think—in addition, they are more focused, better able to grasp and process new ideas, and more creative than their non-doodling counterparts. Doodling can aid in memory and retention, help you deal with emotions and solve problems, and provide a creative outlet. Nobody knows that better than world-famous doodle artist Lei Melendres.

The New Enso Rings Lei Melendres Doodle Collection

Enso Rings has partnered with Lei Melendres to launch and entire doodle collection of silicone rings and bracelets.

The collection features bold, wild, and weird designs exclusive to Enso Rings, bringing the vision of the artist to life in three matching ring and bracelet sets. With vibrant colors and unique characters, this jewelry goes far beyond “traditional” accessories to stretch the bounds of your artistic imagination. In addition to the ring and bracelet collection, Enso Rings has exclusive sticker packs (for the first 1,000 orders), doodle downloads, and Lei Melendres smartphone wallpaper. These items are only available from Enso Rings.

About the Artist

Ted Leonid “Lei” Melendres (aka Leight) is a professional doodle artist and freelancer based in Manila, Philippines. Prior to his work as an artist he worked in an advertising agency, but left it to pursue his dream of creating artwork. Today he is the head of a doodle community in the Philippines called Doodle Art Enthusiasts with more than 600 professional and amateur doodle artists.

In addition to his artwork displays in galleries and online, Lei’s designs have since been featured in everything from t-shirts and posters to custom packaging, mobile apps, and now jewelry.

His artistic style—which Lei refers to as “infinity mix”—is an array of elements and details that all form together and interact to create an incredible scene. While a lot of his work features monsters, robots, and aliens, he also likes to incorporate both mundane things from daily life and strange, eclectic additions.

Shop the Collection Today

For a limited time, Enso Rings is offering a special deal: mix and match your favorite Lei Melendres ring and bracelet for just $50 (individual items are also available for $24.99 to $34.99 each). Now you can wear the bold colors and characters you love from Lei every day. Shop today to choose your favorites.

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