Losing a wedding ring is a devastating experience. Once the cold chill of recognizing that your ring isn‘t on your finger (or in your pocket, or your gym bag, or your desk drawer, or anywhere else) has passed, you are likely to experience a range of difficult emotions, making it hard to decide what you should do next.

First Steps After Losing a Wedding Band

When you realize that you've lost your ring, retrace your steps. Try to recall when and where you last saw it and when you might've had the opportunity to take it off. If possible, make some phone calls to the places you last visited and ask if anyone has turned in your ring. Call the nonemergency number at your local police department and find out what you need to do to file a lost property report.

Tip: Once you realize that your ring is missing, contact your insurance agent. Your homeowners’ or renters’ policy may cover the cost of a replacement.

Once it appears that the ring truly is gone, you will need to tell your spouse. It’s important to tell him or her immediately: The stress of keeping a secret is wearing and a delay may erode trust between the two of you. Be direct, apologize, and be understanding if your spouse becomes angry.

Ringless is Not an Option

Thinking about just going ringless? Don't.Even.Go.There. Your spouse is already unhappy about the loss of your ring, so suggesting that you'll just go without is just going to trigger more unhappiness.

Why? You've already lost the original ring, and failing to prioritize a replacement may cause your spouse to question your commitment to what the ring symbolizes. Taking action to find a replacement shows that you are committed to letting the world know that you are married and in love with your spouse.

Replacing Your Ring: Silicone Rings Vs. Traditional Metal

To keep the peace at home, you'll want to act quickly. You'll also want to decide whether you want to invest in a traditional metal ring or a ring made from non-traditional materials, such as silicone.

As you might expect, we tend to support the latter option. Here’s why:

  1. Silicone Rings are Affordable

    Our silicone rings are affordable, allowing you to quickly order a replacement and regain marital harmony. Affordability is a particular concern if you are planning to replace your old ring but are waiting on an influx of cash or a check from your insurance company.

  2. Silicone Rings are Safer

    If you lost your ring because you took it off due to work regulations or before participating in sports, consider the possibility that this could happen again. If your job or lifestyle is incompatible with wearing a metal ring, opting for jewelry that you don't have to remove is definitely a wise decision.

  3. Silicone Rings are Easier to Update and Replace

    While the shock of losing your ring may be unpleasant, you also might want to consider whether the loss offers you some opportunities to make changes. If you've been trying to get more active and lose weight, the affordability of silicone rings makes it easier to "size down" as you reach your weight loss goals.

Final Word

The loss of a wedding band is distressing, but it is absolutely something that you and your spouse can work through.

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