I’ve been married for almost three years, but I’m on my third and final wedding ring. My wife initially bought me a Tungsten ring that was nice and simple, even if it was a bit heavy on my finger. I also got a ceramic ring because I really liked the way it looked and it was lighter and more comfortable than my Tungsten ring. But, it turned out that I have a metal allergy and both rings gave me a rash on my finger.

Ever Heard of Wedding Ring Rash?

Apparently, this type of skin sensitivity is so common that it is sometimes called “Wedding Ring Rash.” Wedding ring rash is most commonly caused by either an actual allergy to the nickel component of the ring itself or an irritation from the buildup of soap or debris under the ring.

I couldn’t wear either of the rings. I had gotten used to wearing a wedding ring, even though it was uncomfortable and it felt really strange not to have a ring on my finger. Eventually, I got used to not wearing a ring, but I always got questions about why I didn’t wear one. I felt like I frequently had to address the fact that I was married but couldn’t wear a ring because of my metal allergy. My wife was also disappointed. She had spent a lot of money on rings I could no longer wear and I wasn’t able to show off my commitment to her.

The Silicone Solution for Your Metal Allergy

Then, I found Enso Rings. They’re extremely comfortable, lightweight, and most importantly they don’t itch or irritate my finger. Any other ring I’ve tried caused me to break out in a rash. My Enso Ring is comfortable, durable, and made from a medical grade, hypoallergenic silicone. I can barely even tell I have a ring on. Sometimes I have to check to make sure it’s still there.

I get a lot of questions and compliments about the ring because of its unique look. I also don’t have to take it off for work or doing chores around the house. I’m so glad that I found Enso Rings. Best of all, my wife is happy that now we can both show off our commitment to each other.

– Submitted by Luke Bunnell, Enso Rings customer

Watch Luke’s story below:

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