In celebration of the launch of our new Meteorite ring we want to give you some insider tips on 5 spots in Utah that have out of this world rock climbing. Come back down to earth with your meteorite ring and your new favorite rock climbing route.


1. The Membrane - American Fork Canyon (Range of difficulty)

The Membrane hosts some of American Fork Canyon's finest moderate sport routes and has a range of difficulties fit for multiple skill levels.

2. Stairway to Heaven - Provo Canyon (range of difficulties)

Stairway is an ice climb with 10 pitches and grade 3. It is just past Bridals Falls as you are heading into the Canyon. Use extreme caution as snow and rocks are easily dislodged and plummet down on unsuspecting climbers.

3. Outside Corner aka Kelner's Corner - Big Cottonwood Canyon (moderate)

Big Cottonwood Canyon is the lesser know of the Cottonwood Canyons but still has amazing climbing. BCC has mostly quartzite climbs... Outside Corner towers above the highway and is easily seen by passers by. It is a Trad with 4 pitches. 

4. The Yeti - Logan Canyon (moderate)

Logan Canyon is primarily limestone and quartzite climbs and sport routes. The Yeti is a favorite 5.9s in the canyon. Some bigger moves but great holds to go with them.

5. Bouldering in Little Cottonwood Canyon - Gate Boulders

Some fun bouldering to take the fam! There is a range of difficulties but easy enough for most skill levels. There are also some great climbs not too far away and hundreds in LCC.

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