If you have been around a gym, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone with a job that requires a high level of safety and prohibits the wearing of metal wedding rings, you may have seen them wearing a silicone ring. These rings have soared in popularity in recent years because they offer a great alternative to other more traditional metal or diamond wedding rings, particularly for people who might not be able to wear those rings in their everyday life.

Pregnant women, someone who spends a lot of time doing activities with their hands, like lifting weights, rock climbing, and other outdoor activities have all shifted to wearing silicone rings instead of metal when they’re doing these activities. The same is true for people in professions like electricians, firefighters, law enforcement, healthcare, construction, and heavy machine operators who risk severe injury if a metal ring gets caught on something.

The one thing that all these people have in common (in addition to safety and comfort with their ring) is the ability to choose the exact color they want for their silicone ring.

How to Choose a Silicone Ring Color

There is actually no one right way to choose a silicone ring color, because the one that you choose is going to be really specific to your own personality and your needs. The good news for anyone looking to purchase a silicone ring is that they are available in a wide array of colors to choose from, including:

  • Neutral colors – choose from a wide range of more neutral colors, like a black, white, or gray. These colors go with basically anything and everything, and can be understated when you don’t want your ring to be the first thing people notice. For example, as a law enforcement officer who deals with less-than-savory characters each day, you may want to wear a symbol of your love without drawing attention to your ring and decide to go with a simple black.

  • Metal colors – if you love the look of metal and prefer the comfort of silicone, you can choose from Enso Rings Elements collection. These rings are infused with flecks of metal in colors like gold, silver, and rose gold to give you the same shimmer and shine of a metal ring but made of silicone so they’re comfortable and safe to wear.

  • Bold colors – for the people who eschew metal wedding rings because they’re too cookie-cutter and traditional, bold colors and designs available in silicone rings provide the ideal chance to express your individual personality. Whether you go with the Enso Rings exclusive Lei Melendres collection or just a bright, bold color, you can get rings that match your favorite outfit or your mood each day.

The reality is that there isn’t one color for a silicone ring that is best. The one you choose is going to be a reflection of your own personality, which is why silicone is the perfect choice for everyone, from the traditional to the bold. Find a wide range of choices at Enso Rings today.

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