As a visual artist, I’m extremely inspired by my surroundings. I can’t get enough flora and fauna in my everyday life. This means that in my free time, I’m often active, not in the way that makes me exercise (ew), but in the way that gets me going even harder on my hands outside in nature. So when the opportunity arose to work with Enso Rings, a forward-thinking jewelry company with focus on eco-friendly, damage-proof rings for every type of busybody, on a limited edition collection, I jumped at the opportunity. This was my chance to create something beautiful that I could also wear without worrying about bending or damaging my jewelry when I submerge myself into the elements.

Introducing… Enso INKED x The Pigeon Letters

This collection was created with nature as my guide. I think it’s crucial to my creative process to surround myself with nature, and living in the Pacific Northwest gives me all the greenery I could ever ask for. I feel most alive when I let all of my senses work together, grounding me in the earth’s soil. And that’s quite literal because I love the feeling of different textures on the bottoms of my feet and palms of my hands. This is a limited edition of only 500 rings made so be sure to jump in and grab them before they’re gone forever!

Allow me to introduce…


Rain reminds me that without the dark, stormy days, this climate wouldn’t be blessed with its abundant greenery. It’s also an ode to those perfect cozy days on the porch, sipping tea and watching the storms roll in.


Garden embraces vivid hues of creative freedom that can be brought into the garden with bright, vibrant flowers.



My cedar ring enhances the warm tones of a cedar tree’s majestic wood and reminds me of its smell… so good.


Sunrise embraces the stunning undertones that come alive in flowers just after dawn. The colors look like they almost GLOW.

Enso Rings are perfect for when I go out into nature. I don’t have to worry about them getting bent or damaged during any activity, whether it be hiking or creating. It’s also so fun to be able to express myself through my rings.

Grab one (or the whole set, duh) here!

Images by Casi Yost Photography Videography by Gavin Brown Media

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