New: Inked Silicone Rings to Express Yourself

You’ve picked out the perfect outfit for your holiday party this year, complete with the best (or worst) holiday sweater you can find. Now you want to top it off with jewelry to match. The problem: your traditional metal or diamond wedding ring just doesn’t match. No need to worry, because now you can find silicone wedding rings from Enso Rings Inked collection that go with everything you want to wear—from holiday sweaters to snowflakes, polka dots, and everything in between.


What is an Inked Silicone Ring?

The new collection of Inked silicone rings from Enso Rings combines two of your favorite things:

  • Stylish and comfortable silicone rings

  • Awesome designs that showcase your own personal style and personality

As the popularity of silicone rings has exploded in recent years, one of the challenges for some people was the lack of variety available. Sure, you could get a solid color ring, and maybe even choose from some bold, bright colors, but when you truly wanted something to express your individuality, you may not have been impressed with what was available. Inked provides you with designs that are as bold as you are, without compromise.


New Styles Added Regularly

In addition to providing some awesome styles and designs, the Inked collection is always getting new additions. Around the holidays you can find a huge selection of “Inkedmas” designs perfect for all your holiday traditions. If you’re the type of person who puts up your tree in early November, tunes in to the holiday radio station and belts out Christmas music for weeks, and loves the season of gift-giving and service this time of year, an Inkedmas ring is exactly what you need. Check out the holiday sweater, candy cane, snowflakes, and penguins in the collection and get a ring that displays your love of all things holiday season to wear every year.


Wear it Everywhere

Since these Inked rings are silicone, that means you can wear them anywhere—wilderness hikes to cut down the perfect Christmas tree, baking all the sugar cookies for your neighbors, opening presents on Christmas morning, and relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate at the end of a long day of holiday festivities. It’s durable enough to handle anything you need, and comfortable enough to leave it on almost all the time.

Check out the selection of Inked rings now at Enso Rings and find the design that perfectly matches your personality this season.

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