New Silicone Rings & Bracelets Make 2020 the Summer of Style 

The year 2020 has been a strange one for all of us, but as the weather warms up and we start going outside a little more, it’s starting to feel more like normal. There may not be any summer concerts or big events, but getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery with some close family members or friends (keeping a safe social distance as needed, of course) is a great way to spend these longer days. When you’re ready to head out to the mountains or the beach, don’t forget your favorite book and your favorite silicone rings and bracelets from Enso Rings Summer Collection.


Ride the Wave 

Just for summer 2020, Enso Rings introduced the new wave style stackable rings. These silicone rings have the same durability and comfort as our traditional styles, but with a unique wave design that will remind you of one of your favorite things about the summer—that crystal clear blue water of the ocean or the pool. It’s available in 10 bold colors that you can mix and match for the perfect summer combinations.


Braided Beauties with Stackable Style 

Our braided weave silicone rings and bracelets also got an update with bright new colors reminiscent of the summer season, including sea foam, ocean breeze, starfish, and sunset. Pair these summer colors with our traditional colors in a stackable style that you can wear anywhere, from the lake and the pool to your favorite hiking trails and cabin retreats. No need to remove your jewelry to enjoy the great outdoors—with Enso Rings bracelets and silicone rings you can accessorize your outdoor adventures too.


Comfort, Durability, Safety 

All of our summer 2020 rings and bracelets come with the same comfort, durability, and safety you have come to expect with silicone rings and silicone bracelets. They are made of a high-quality medical-grade silicone rubber that can go wherever you want to take it and never put your fingers or arms at risk of injury. The flexible material gently hugs your finger or wrist so you’ll never worry about losing your rings or bracelets, but it’s so lightweight that you may forget you’re wearing them at all. Plus it can withstand some of the most extreme temperatures and activities without getting damaged, scratched, dinged, or broken. 

Enso Rings full Summer Collection is on sale for 25% to 44% off for a limited time (save more when you buy more), so shop today to get the best deals and add some color and style to the season.

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