Outdoor Activities You Shouldn’t Do While Wearing a Metal Ring

Going outside for workouts or hobbies should be fun, and you don’t want anything to hold you back. If you’ve ever thought about wearing your metal wedding ring out on some of these activities, you probably discovered quickly that those rings are uncomfortable and not conducive to an active outdoor lifestyle. In some situations they could even be dangerous and put you at risk of injury. Here are a few outdoor activities where you should ditch the metal ring.


Whether your swimming plans involve the ocean, the pool, or the lake, you should leave your metal wedding ring at home. These rings usually don’t stretch, which means they don’t fit snugly around your finger. As soon as your hands get wet and slippery, your ring could easily slide off your finger. In a lake or an ocean, you won’t see that ring ever again. Even in a pool where you might have a chance to retrieve the ring, the chlorine and other chemicals could damage the ring.

Kayaking & Rafting

Like swimming, when you head out for water sports like boating, kayaking, and river rafting your hands are going to get wet, which could make your ring slip off. In addition, though, these sports often involve a lot of activity with your hands and fingers and it’s important that you don’t have anything that could get caught on a rope or paddle and cause injury.

Rock Climbing

There are few things as thrilling as hanging off the side of a rock with only the strength of your fingers and toes (and a rope) to keep you safe. Scrambling up the face of a rock involves a lot of finger dexterity, and it is also a place where one small slip could be very detrimental if your metal ring caught on the edge of a rock, causing a ring avulsion injury. These injuries occur when the force of gravity and your body pull against a metal wedding ring (which will not break). The end result is usually a broken or severely damaged finger, but in some cases it could even lead to a finger amputation which is excruciatingly painful.

Mountain Biking

You may not think biking is dangerous for your fingers, and in some cases that’s probably true. However, in situations where you fall off the bike or you are going through dense wooded area, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your ring is going to snag on a passing branch or get caught on the handlebars while the rest of your body goes the other direction.

One option is to simply take your ring off and leave it behind rather than risking injury, damage or loss. Or you could consider a silicone ring, which fits comfortably for any activity, hugs your finger tightly with a soft, stretchy feel, and won’t put you at risk of injury. Check out Enso Rings huge selection of silicone rings and display your ring proudly on all your adventures.

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