We’ve experienced phenomenal growth since we started Enso Rings and it’s easy to see why. More people are realizing the benefits of opting for silicone rings and wedding bands over traditional rings made from metals. While we realize that everybody’s journey to our rings is unique and personal, we have found that many of their stories incorporate some pretty common themes.

Enso Rings are Safe

In 2015 comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon almost lost a finger to ring avulsion, a traumatic injury caused by the ring he was wearing. While doctors were able to save his finger, many people who experience similar accidents aren’t so lucky.

Increased awareness of the dangers posed by standard rings has led many people to look into alternative ring materials, including silicone. Since Enso Rings are made from a flexible material that is designed to break away from the finger when put under stress, they can’t do the damage that a metal ring can.

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Workplace Compliance Made Easy

Workplaces are becoming increasingly aware of safety issues. Employers not only want to avoid lawsuits, they also want to keep valued employees healthy. This means that many companies have become sticklers for safety regulations, which may prohibit wearing jewelry of any kind, particularly metal rings, on the job.

As a result, people who wear rings daily, particularly wedding rings, may be in a quandary. Constantly taking a ring off and putting it back on at work means you run the risk of losing it. Enso Rings are a great option for these people for two reasons:

  1. In most cases and professions, wearing an Enso Ring at work is a much safer alternative, especially for people who work in the construction, healthcare, or manufacturing industries.

  2. Enso Rings are easier to care for than traditional rings and are designed to withstand tough working conditions.

Enso Rings are Affordable

Rings made from precious metals aren’t cheap. Gold wedding bands can start at $600 and go well over $2000. Platinum rings are even more expensive. Enso Rings are incredibly affordable and even our Elements Collection rings, which are infused with precious metals, cost less than $80.

Another point to consider is that over 40% of men end up losing their wedding rings during their lifetime. Instead of having to settle for a cheap replacement band after losing a ring, or working to save up your hard-earned cash for a new one, buy an Enso Ring from the very beginning and reduce your risk.

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Transforming the Wedding Industry

Enso is disrupting the wedding industry, and for good reason. For decades, the cost of a wedding has kept increasing. In recent years, couples have been trying to scale back while still crafting a meaningful celebration of their commitment. By reducing the cost of our wedding rings, we are working to normalize values such as thrift and simplicity.

Fitness is Important

For many people, fitness is more than just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. They are often at the gym, on the track, or in the mountains. Traditional rings present a safety hazard in many fitness activities, and some gyms ban them outright because they can damage equipment and cause hand injuries. Enso Rings are perfect for your active lifestyle.

Wedding Rings Should Reflect Values and Lifestyles

Speaking of lifestyles, we believe that a wedding ring should reflect the way you live, work, and play. When you exchange rings on your wedding day, don’t you want them to be rings that you will actually wear all the time? Many couples have asked themselves this question and opted for Enso wedding bands.

Enso Rings Look Great

We would be remiss to not mention that many of our customers aren’t married or aren’t buying wedding bands. Instead, they become our customers because our rings look and feel great. We have an amazing range of styles and colors, including our popular “stackables,” thin, textured bands that you can mix and match to create dozens of looks.

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Our Rings are Swappable

When you invest in a standard ring, you are stuck wearing one metal tone day in, day out. If you don’t want your other jewelry to clash with your ring, you are restricted in the jewelry that you can wear. For example, if your wedding band is gold, wearing silver or platinum jewelry doesn’t work.

Because Enso Rings are so affordable, and come in so many different colors, you can build a ring wardrobe that lets you swap out your rings depending on your mood and whatever you feel like wearing. You can also combine ring colors to celebrate holidays, sports teams, or a class reunion.

Easy Fit and Exchange Policy

Not sure about your ring size? Our site has a free ring sizer that you can use. Plus, if it turns out that your ring isn’t the right size, we are happy to offer a free exchange service within 30 days of purchase so that you get the fit that you want.


Silicone is Better for Your Skin

It is an unfortunate fact of life that some people become allergic to the alloys in their wedding rings. They develop a nasty rash that does not only become uncomfortable, but can also lead to infection. Silicone is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and gentle on your skin. Our Elements Collection rings even incorporate tiny air channels on the inside of the ring that allow air to circulate around your finger, reducing irritation caused by heat and perspiration.

If you haven’t tried out one of our rings, what’s stopping you?

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