Places Where Your Silicone Ring Can Go that Metal Rings Can’t

If you have a traditional metal wedding ring—either a band or a diamond ring—you probably have a routine that involves taking that ring off for many of your daily activities. The problem with metal rings is that there are plenty of places that you either don’t want to wear them because they are uncomfortable, or you can’t wear them because they are unsafe. For those who don’t want to go through the hassle of taking off your metal ring all the time (not to mention risk of losing it), silicone rings are an alternative that can go many places where metal rings cannot.


The Gym

Many gym-goers know how dangerous that little metal ring can be in a world of weights and cardio equipment. If you find that you are always taking your ring off to work out because you don’t want it to get damaged, silicone rings are a much better alternative. Wearing a silicone ring can also have other benefits at the gym, like helping you avoid that person who’s just there to find a date, or not worrying about whether your expensive diamond or metal ring will get stolen from your gym locker while you’re working up a sweat.


The Water

Another place where many people hesitate to wear metal rings is in the water, which makes sense because when those rings get wet they can easily slip off your finger. Nobody wants to lose their diamond ring at the bottom of the ocean while snorkeling on your dream beach vacation, especially if you just spent thousands of dollars on that ring. Silicone rings are designed to stretch and flex, so they can hug your finger tightly and stay secure even when they get wet. 


The Workplace

For millions of people wearing a metal ring on the job just isn’t an option. Whether you work around electricity or heavy machinery, or use your hands a lot like a mechanic or firefighter, there are just too many dangers that could lead to ring avulsion or other finger injuries. Rather than taking off your metal ring (and trying to remember to put it back on every day so your spouse doesn’t take it personally), get a silicone ring that is safe to wear in any work environment.


Basically Anywhere

There are very few times when you will actually need to take off your silicone wedding ring, although you may decide to take it off from time to time while you sleep or shower to give the skin under the ring a little rest and clean the ring. If you’re the kind of person who wants to be able to go anywhere without thinking about what’s around your finger, silicone rings from Enso Rings are the perfect choice.


If you want to be able to wear your ring in more places and it’s time to ditch the metal wedding band, check out the selection of silicone rings available from Enso Rings.

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